BUG: You still receive a "warning C4768" message even if you use the warning pragma to disable the warning in Visual C++

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Warnings similar to the following are generated even if you use the warning pragma to disable the warning:
warning C4786:
'std::rb_tree<CAiSpanningTree<State,std::less<State>>::TransClosureNode, CAiSpanningTree<State,std::less<State>>::TransClosureNode,std::ident<Cai SpanningTree<State,std::less<State>>::TransClosureNode,CAiSpanningTree<S tate,std::less<State>>::TransClosureNode>,std::less<CAiSpanningTree<Stat e,std::less<State>>::TransClosureNode>>' : identifier was truncated to '255' characters in the debug information
The code:
   #pragma warning(disable:4786)				
disables warnings that list the file and line number. For example:
   C:\test\Text.cpp(25) : warning C4786:				
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

This problem was corrected in Microsoft Visual C++ .NET.
This warning can be ignored. However, the identifier may not be accessible or viewable in the debugger.

Sample code

   /*   Compiler Options: /Zi   */    #include <stddef.h>   #include <new.h>   #pragma warning(disable:4786)   namespace std {      template <class T, class U>  struct ident {};      template <class T1, class T2> struct pair {};      template <class Arg1, class Arg2, class Result>         struct binary_function {};      template <class T>struct less : binary_function<T, T, bool> {};      template <class T, class Distance> struct bidirectional_iterator {};      template <class Key, class Value, class KeyOfValue, class Compare>        class rb_tree {          public:             typedef int size_type;             typedef int difference_type;             typedef void* link_type;             struct rb_tree_node {};             typedef Key key_type;             class iterator : public bidirectional_iterator<Value,                difference_type> {};             class const_iterator   : public                bidirectional_iterator<Value,difference_type> {                    protected:                    link_type node;                    const_iterator(link_type x) : node(x) {}             };             public:                size_type count(const key_type& x) const;             };        template <class Key, class Value, class KeyOfValue,                 class Compare>                 rb_tree<Key, Value, KeyOfValue, Compare>::size_type                 rb_tree<Key, Value, KeyOfValue, Compare>::                 count(const Key& k) const {                    size_type n = 0;                    return n;             };             template <class Key, class Compare>   class set {               typedef ::std::rb_tree<Key, Key,ident<Key, Key>, Compare>                 rep_type;          rep_type t;     };   }   template <class Node, class Compare>class CAiTransitiveClosure{   public:      typedef std::set<Node, Compare > NodeSet; NodeSet m_todo;   };   template <class Node, class Compare> class CAiSpanningTree {   public:      typedef std::set<Node, Compare > NodeSet;   protected:      typedef Node CAiSpanningTreeNode;      typedef NodeSet CAiSpanningTreeNodeSet;   private:      struct TransClosureNode {};      struct TransClosureGraph        : public CAiTransitiveClosure<TransClosureNode,   std::less<TransClosureNode> >       {};   public:      CAiSpanningTree(const Node& initialNode);      CAiSpanningTree(const NodeSet& initialNodes);   };   struct State { };   class CformSpanningTree:public CAiSpanningTree<State,std::less<State>>   {   public:       CFormSpanningTree( NodeSet initial)      : CAiSpanningTree<State, std::less<State> >(initial)      {}   };				

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