Automatically Changing the Node Type of a Windows NT Workstation

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In network installations, where IP addresses are assigned statically(DHCP is not used), it is often desirable to change the NetBIOS nameresolution node type of a computer. This is time consuming when largenumbers of computers are involved because an administrator must edit theregistry of each computer where the node type is to be changed.

This article describes one possible method of automating the change.
  1. Create the following two-line text file and save it in ANSI (Windows) or DOS text format. It will not work if saved as a Unicode file.
       \Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetBT\Parameters   NodeType = REG_DWORD 0x00000004   NOTE: Use 0x00000008 for hybrid node or h-node         Use 0x00000004 for mixed node or m-node         Use 0x00000002 for point-to-point WINS or p-node         Use 0x00000001 for broadcast node or b-node						

    For additional information with descriptions of the various settings for this key, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:
    ARTICLE-ID: 160177
    TITLE : Default Node Type For Microsoft Clients

    ARTICLE-ID: 120642
    TITLE : TCP/IP and NBT Configuration Parameters for Windows 2000 or Windows NT
  2. Save the file as M-NODE.INI (change the first letter for node types other than mixed).
  3. Copy this file and the file Regini.exe from the Windows NT "Resource Kit" to either a floppy drive or a network share.
  4. The following command, executed at a workstation from the path where Regini.exe and M-NODE.INI are stored, will change the node type to mixed. Changing to other node types is done in the same fashion.
  5. This could be automated further by enclosing it in a batch file, or a logon script:
    IF /I "%1" == "h" REGINI H-NODE.INI & GOTO END
    IF /I "%1" == "m" REGINI M-NODE.INI & GOTO END
    IF /I "%1" == "p" REGINI P-NODE.INI & GOTO END
    IF /I "%1" == "b" REGINI B-NODE.INI & GOTO END
    ECHO USAGE: NODE X where X is the desired node type (H, M, P, OR B).
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