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ACC: Copy and Paste Field in Datasheet View Includes Column Name

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If you select and copy the data in a cell of a table, a query, or a form inDatasheet view, when you paste the data elsewhere, the data includes thename of the column in the datasheet.
You selected the entire cell, not just the data in the cell. When youselect and copy an entire cell in Datasheet view, Microsoft Accessautomatically includes the column name.
This behavior is by design.
Microsoft Access provides two ways to copy and paste data from a cell inDatasheet view. You can select and copy just the data itself, or you canselect and copy the entire cell. By default, copying the entire cellincludes the column name.

Selecting and Copying Only the Data in a Cell

  1. Open your table, query, or form in Datasheet view.
  2. Click inside a cell where you want to begin selecting data, and drag the mouse pointer across the data. Make sure the pointer is an I-beam shape while you drag.

    If you want to use your keyboard to select all the data in a cell without selecting the column name, click anywhere inside the cell and press F2.

    NOTE: By using these methods, you can only select the data in a single cell of the datasheet.

Selecting and Copying an Entire Cell or Multiple Cells

Whenever you select and copy an entire cell or multiple cells in yourdatasheet, Microsoft Access automatically includes the column name(s) whenyou paste the data.
  1. Open your table, query, or form in Datasheet view.
  2. Point to the left or the upper edge of the cell until your pointer changes to a plus shape (or an arrow in Microsoft Access 2.0).
  3. Click, and note that the entire cell is selected. If you copy and paste the data into another application, such as Notepad or Microsoft Excel, the column name will also be pasted.
If you want to select multiple cells, in step 3, drag the pointer over thecells you want, instead of clicking in one cell.
For more information about ways to copy or move data in Microsoft Access,search the Help Index for "copying data," or ask the Microsoft Access 97Office Assistant.

For more information about how to select fields and records in Datasheetview, search the Help Index for "selecting fields and records," or ask theMicrosoft Access 97 Office Assistant.
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Microsoft Access 2.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft Access 95 Standard Edition, Microsoft Access 97 Standard Edition

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