XL97: Data Not Returned from Query Using ORACLE Data Source

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When you try to return data from Microsoft Query 97 to a MicrosoftExcel 97 worksheet, the spinning globe icon (which signifies that a queryis processing) may appear for a long time, and then the query returns no data to your worksheet.
To work around this problem, use one of the following methods:

Method 1: Turn Off the Enable Background Refresh Setting

To prevent the query from running in the background, follow thesesteps:
  1. Create your query in Microsoft Query, and then select the option to return the data to Microsoft Excel.
  2. In the Returning External Data to Microsoft Excel dialog box, click Properties.
  3. Click to clear the check box for Enable Background Refresh, and then click OK.
  4. To return the results of your query to the worksheet, click OK.NOTE: When you turn off the Enable Background Refresh option, you cannot do other tasks while this query runs.

Method 2: Move Your Mouse Pointer

If you move your mouse pointer continuously while the data is beingreturned to Microsoft Excel, the query may not fail. Do not stop moving themouse until all the data has been returned to Microsoft Excel.

NOTE: Depending on your query, it may take several minutes to returnthe results of your query to the worksheet.

Method 3: Paste the Data in the Worksheet

To paste the data from Microsoft Query in the worksheet, follow thesesteps:
  1. In Microsoft Query, create the correct parameters for your query.
  2. In the data pane, select an item.
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR to select all the data in the data pane.
  4. On the Edit menu, click Copy.
  5. In Microsoft Excel, on the Edit menu, click Paste.
NOTE: When you use this method, the parameters that you used to query your database are not saved with the data, so you cannot use the Refresh Data command to update the results of the query. You must follow these steps each time that you want to update the query.
This problem has been reported when querying an ORACLE 7.3 data sourceby using the following ODBC drivers:
   File name       Version       File date   --------------------------------------   Sqo32_73.dll   2.00.0301     4-Feb-1997   Msorcl10.dll   2.00.006325   12-Jan-1997				
Sqo32_73.dll is manufactured by Oracle Corporation. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.
For more information about how to return data to Microsoft Excel, click theIndex tab in Microsoft Excel Help, type retrieving data from external databases, and then double-click the selected text to go to the "Ways to retrieve datafrom an external database" topic.

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Microsoft Excel 97 Standard Edition, Microsoft Query 2000

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