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NetBIOS and Hostname resolution for Microsoft Client and LAN Manager 2.2c Client

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Network clients that use the LAN Manager 2.2c client or Microsoft NetworkClient 3.0 fail to resolve hostnames using broadcasts (b-node.)
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This behavior is by design.

Host Name Resolution

If the LAN Manager 2.2c or Microsoft Network Client 3.0 is attempting toresolve a host name, it will use the gethostbyname() call, that is resolvedby entries in the HOSTS file and, optionally, a Domain Name Service (DNS)server. These clients DO NOT use WINS, LMHOSTS or broadcast to resolvehostnames. For information on configuring the Domain Name Resolver (DNR)for these clients, see the Readme.txt on the appropriate clients directorywhere you installed from.

NOTE: This is different behavior than the Windows For Workgroups, Windows95, and Windows NT clients that can also resolve hostnames through WINS,LMHOSTS files and broadcasts. For more information about node type settingsin Windows For Workgroups, Windows 95, and Windows NT, please see thefollowing articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
142042 TCP/IP Node-Type Settings in Windows 95
137966 Changing NetBIOS Name Resolution Order in Windows for Workgroups

NetBIOS Name Resolution

If the LAN Manager 2.2c client or Microsoft Network 3.0 client isattempting to resolve a NetBIOS name (for example, using the 'NET USE'command), the name may be resolved using LMHOSTS entries, WINS query, orbroadcast. These clients do NOT use DNS or HOSTS queries to resolve NetBIOSnames.
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