Security Requirements When Using NTFS Partition

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When you install Microsoft Office 97 or any of the other programs listed at the beginning of this article on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows NT version 3.51 or 4.0, certain access permission requirements apply if thehard disk contains an NT File System (NTFS) partition.

This article contains information about the access permission requirementsfor Microsoft Office 97.
NOTE: The following information applies only when Microsoft Windows NT is installed on an NTFS partition. If Windows NT is installed on a FATpartition, it is not necessary to set up permissions for folders and files.

Under Windows NT, NTFS partitions allow you to specify access permissionsfor folders and files stored in the partition. This allows you, theadministrator, to prevent users from making changes to folders and files.For example, if you assign read-only permission to the Winnt folder, userscannot add files to the folder or make changes to any file stored in thefolder.

The following access permission requirements apply when you installMicrosoft Office 97 on a computer on which the Windows NT operating systemis stored on an NTFS partition. (In the follow examples, drive C is on anNTFS partition.)

Permissions Required During Installation

When you install Microsoft Office 97, you must have full read/writepermission to all folders and files on the computer on which you areinstalling Microsoft Office 97. This requirement is usually met if you logon to the computer as an administrator, and then install Microsoft Office97.

Permissions Required After Installation

After you install Microsoft Office 97, you must specify the followingpermissions:
  • The following folders must have read, write, and execute permissions:
          C:\Temp      C:\Winnt      C:\Winnt\Forms      C:\Winnt\System32      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Xlstart      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates						

    The programs included with Microsoft Office 97 occasionally create and modify files in these folders. Therefore, you cannot assign read-only permission to these folders.

  • The following folders must have read, write, execute, and delete permission:
    C:\Winnt\TempC:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\templates (and any subfolders)						

  • The following files must have read/write permission:
          C:\Ffastun.ffa      C:\Ffastun.ffl      C:\Ffastun.ffo      C:\Ffastun.ffx      C:\Winnt\Artgalry.cag      C:\Winnt\<LogonID>.acl      C:\Winnt\<LogonID>8.xlb      C:\Winnt\<LogonID>.fav      C:\Winnt\Mso97.acl      C:\Winnt\Msoprefs.232      C:\Winnt\Outlook.fav      C:\Winnt\Outlook.prf      C:\Winnt\Outlook.prt      C:\Winnt\Forms\Frmcache.dat      C:\Winnt\System32\Ffastlog.txt      C:\Winnt\System32\Msforms.twd      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Wzlib80.mde      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Wzmain80.mde      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Wztool80.mde      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Utility.mda      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Wzcnf80.mda						

    <LogonID> is the name of the user who is logged on to the computer (for example, Fredf). These files are occasionally modified by the programs included with Microsoft Office 97. Therefore you cannot assign read-only permission to these files.

  • For all other folders and files that Office installs, including files stored in the Winnt and Winnt\System32 folders, you can use read-only permission.
NOTE: Any folder in which you are opening a document for editing must have read, write, execute, and delete permissions in order to save changes and delete temp files created by Office.

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