OL97: Imported Phone Numbers and Postal Codes Have .000 Appended

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When importing data containing phone numbers or postal (zip) codes fromother programs such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel, the numbers maybe displayed with ".000" appended to the end. The numbers will not containany parentheses or hyphens and in some cases the number may be completelydifferent from the number in the original program.
This problem occurs because Outlook does not recognize the numbers beingimported as phone numbers or postal codes, even if they look correct whenviewed in the original program; this happens when the number is importedfrom a Numeric-type field. An example of this is when a field in MicrosoftExcel is formatted as a phone number even though it is typed as a 10-digitnumber. In Microsoft Excel, it is possible to use a "Phone Number" format;once this format has been applied, you may type a number such as 5551234567and Microsoft Excel will display it as (555)123-4567. When this number isimported into Outlook, it is interpreted as 5551234567 instead of (555)123-4567. If a phone number is typed into Microsoft Excel with the parenthesesand hyphens, Outlook will interpret it as a phone number.
If the number is typed into the original program with the parenthesesand hyphens, Outlook will interpret it correctly. If you are importing alarge amount of data and it is not practical to manually add theparentheses and hyphens, try exporting the data from the original programas a Comma Separated Value (.CSV) file. Most programs such as MicrosoftAccess and Microsoft Excel will include the parentheses and hyphens as partof text file, thus making it possible for Outlook to properly interpret thedata.

For information on exporting data from your original program as a commaseparated value text file, consult the documentation supplied with thatprogram.

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Microsoft Outlook 97 Standard Edition

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