Client Receives Error When Resolving Fully Qualified Domain Name

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Attempts to resolve fully qualified domain names (FQDN) for your internaldomain fail, resulting in error messages from your applications similar tothe following:
Host not found
Bad IP Address <host name>.
The Microsoft Proxy Client may cause this problem if it is incorrectlyconfigured.
Edit the Mspclnt.ini file to add your internal domain suffixes as describedin the Microsoft Proxy Client documentation using the LocalDomains entry.

Using a text editor, open the Mspclnt.ini file and add or edit theLocalDomains entry in the [Common] section and set it equal to any domainsuffixes that exist on your internal network.

For example:
   [Common]   LocalDomains =,				
The Microsoft Proxy Client will, by default, forward all FQDN name queriesto the proxy server on your network. The proxy server then forwards thesequeries to its DNS server, which is most likely on the Internet. Unlessyour internal domain name(s) are registered on the Internet, the nameresolution for the internal domain name will fail when processed by anexternal DNS.

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