How To Determine VS97 Service Pack Updates in a Product

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The Help About drop-down boxes in the various developer tools included inVisual Studio 97 do not indicate what updates have been made since theinitial release of the product in 1997.

After you apply the Service Pack to a developer tool, the only indicationthat the Service Pack has been applied is in the version informationembedded in file properties for the binary files that were updated.
To determine which updates have been made since the initial release of aproduct, you need to examine the version number in the properties of one ormore files.

The procedure is as follows:
  1. Look in the following table to determine whichfile you want to examine. In some cases, more than one file for a product may be needed to fully specify the update history of the product.
  2. For each file, right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select Properties.
  3. Click the Versions tab and compare the version listed with theversion in the table.
The following table lists the Developer Tools Products that shipped in1997 and have been updated in a Visual Studio 97 Service Pack:
                         Version onProduct      Files        Release     SP1         SP2         SP3------------------------------------------------------------------------Visual       setupwiz.exe 5.00.3716   5.00.3905   5.00.3905   5.00.3905Basic 5.0    vb5ide.dll   5.00.3724   ---         5.00.4319   5.00.4511             vba5.dll     5.00.7115   ---         5.00.7717   5.00.7911Visual       link.exe     5.00.7022   5.02.7132   5.02.7132   5.10.7303C++ 5.0      eecxx.dll    5.00.7122   ---         5.00.7198   5.00.7198VisualInterDev 1.0 devisws.pkg  5.00.7022   5.00.7087   No update   No updateVisual       devjava.pkg  5.00.7022   5.00.7128   5.00.7128   5.00.7128J++ 1.1      devdbg.pkg   5.00.7022   5.00.7128   5.00.7198   5.00.7198             emjav.dll    1.01.7022   ---         ---         1.01.7287VisualSourceSafe   ssscc.dll    5.00.2218   5.00.2219   5.00.2220   5.00.22225.0VisualFoxPro 5.0   vfp.exe      Build 402   No update   Build 412   Build 415				
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