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How to Set Up AutoConfig URL

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The Auto-Configuration feature enables you to specify the URL of the .insfile that contains the information about your custom Internet Explorersettings, such as the browser title and start page, every time the browseris started. You can specify this URL in the wizard and easily update thesettings by changing the specified .ins files.
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Auto-Configuration URLs

Auto-Configuration URLs are most useful if you want to use company-wide orgroup-wide settings. Enable you to maintain browser settings from a central.ins file. For example, you could create a set of individual per-user .insfiles. Within those files, you could specify one central Auto-ConfigurationURL for updating settings.

Note: the URL must begin with "http://" For example:

To set up Auto-Configuration URLs

To set up Auto-Configuration URLs you must first determine the specificnumber of .ins files you need, for example, one for the whole company andone for each division. After you create the file or files, you can use theINS Editor to easily administer these configuration files. The INS Editorenables you to open any .ins file and make changes to settings such asProxy, Start and Search pages, Quicklinks, and restricted option menucommands.
  1. To open the INS Editor, click INSEDIT.EXE, click Open, and then locate a sample .ins file, such as Instal.ins located in the Reskit\Isp\Servless folder.
  2. Make any changes to the default settings.
  3. Save the revised file with a unique file name, for example, Sales.ins.
  4. Copy the new .ins file to an HTTP server share. When you are running the wizard, specify the path to this URL when it is requested.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each .ins file you want.

To Setup a Server for Auto Configuration

The Internet/Intranet server that will be used for Auto Configuration mustsupport the HTTP protocol. The .ins file that will be used for theconfiguration can be located in any directory that is accessible by theserver. The directory where the .ins file resides must have read andexecute permissions and must also allow anonymous access to the ins file.If there is any other form of authentication for the .ins file, the browserwill not be configured.

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