FIX: Run-time Error 6 "Overflow When Compiled to Native Code"

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The following error may occur when the if expression uses Byte data type:
"Run-time error '6'. Overflow."
Visual Basic does not evaluate Byte data type correctly in the ifexpression when compiled to Native code with optimizations.
Install Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 2 (SP2). The problem can also beaddressed by compiling to P-code, compiling to Native Code with nooptimizations, or using a data type other than the byte data type inthe if expression.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a bug in the Microsoft products listedat the beginning of this article. This bug has been fixed in Visual Studio97 Service Pack 2.

For more information on the Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 2, please see thefollowing article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
170365 : INFO: Visual Studio 97 Service Packs - What, Where, and Why

For a list of the Visual Basic 5.0 bugs that were fixed in the VisualStudio 97 Service Pack 2, please see the following article in the MicrosoftKnowledge Base:
171554 : INFO: Visual Basic 5.0 Fixes in Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 2
The following code (known as the "Triangle Inequality") will run asexpected in the Visual Basic IDE or compiled as P-code but will fail whencompiled as a Native EXE file with optimizations.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Start a New Standard EXE project. Form1 is created by default.
  2. In the General Declarations section of Form1, place the following code:
          Sub Checksides (a as Byte, b as Byte, c as Byte)          If (c > a + b) or (a > b + c) or (b > a + c) then              MsgBox "Not a triangle"          Else              MsgBox "Triangle"          End If      End Sub						
  3. In the Form_Load() event of Form1, place the following code:
          Private Sub Form_Load()        CheckSides 1,1,1        End      End sub						
  4. Select Project Properties from the Project menu. Open the Compile tab and make sure the project is set to compile to Native Code with some sort of optimization selected, such as Optimize for fast code.
  5. Select Make Project1.exe from the File Menu.
  6. Execute the Project1.exe file.
This will produce the error message "Run-time error 6. OverFlow."

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