INFO: Server Side Include Directives Are Not Processed by ASP

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When attempting to process a Server Side Include (SSI) directive within anActive Server Pages (ASP) file, the only directive type that will beprocessed is the #INCLUDE directive. Other directives such as #EXEC are notsupported by ASP.
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If the page containing your source code has a file extension of .asp, thenit will be processed by Asp.dll. Asp.dll and Ssinc.dll do not interact;therefore, SSI directives will not be processed by Ssinc.dll. The only SSIdirective that will be processed by Asp.dll is the #INCLUDE directive.

NOTE: The other SSI directives are: #CONFIG, #ECHO, #EXEC, #FLASTMOD, and #FSIZE.
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Microsoft Active Server Pages 4.0, Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0

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