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Jetpack Error Codes for Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0

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This article lists the error codes and messages used by Jetpack.exe (theMicrosoft Windows NT Server utility that can be used to compact a WINS orDHCP database) for Windows NT Server version 4.0.


   0   Successful Operation				


   1   Function Not Yet Implemented				

System Errors

   100   JET_errRfsFailure   101   JET_errRfsFailure   102   Could not close DOS file   103   Could not start thread   105   System busy due to too many IOs   106   200 format database   107   400 format database				

Buffer Manager Errors

   200   Buffer page evicted   201   Page not found   202   Cannot abandon buffer   203   Buffer access caused a new IO (cache miss)   204   Buffer access was a cache miss but didn't cause a new IO   205   Need to allocate new buffer for read (used in Async IO )				

Directory Manager Errors

   300   Out of page space   301   Itag too big   302   Record deleted   303   Tags used up   304   Conflict in BM Clean up   305   No Short Circuit Avail   306   Cannot horizontally split FDP   307   Cannot go up   308   On an FDP Node   309   May have left critical section   310   Moved through empty page   311   Device extent being extended   312   Found Less   313   Found Greater   314   Son out of range   315   Item out of range   316   Greater than all items   317   Last node of item list   318   First node of item list   319   Duplicated item   320   Item not there   321   Some versions could not be cleaned   322   Version already existed   323   Reached Page Boundary   324   Reached Key Boundary   325   Sridfather in page to free   326   Used by OLC to avoid cleanup of parent pages   327   Next/previous page link page does not point back to source   328   Bookmark has no corresponding address in database   329   BMClean returns this on encountering a page deleted         MaxKeyInPage [but there was no conflict]				

Record Manager Errors

   400   Key too big (truncated it)   401   Too many key segments   402   Key is entirely NULL   403   No more keys to extract   404   Null segment in key   405   Separated long value   406   Separated long value   407   Null first segment in key   408   Key with column truncation still truncated				

Logging and Recovery Errors

   500   Logged operation cannot be redone   501   Log file is corrupt   502   Last log record read   503   No backup directory given   504   The backup directory is not emtpy   505   Backup is active already   509   Missing the log file for check point   510   Fail when writing to log file   514   Version of log file is not compatible with Jet version   515   Timestamp in next log does not match expected   516   Log is not active   517   Log buffer is too small for recovery   518   Retry to LGLogRec   519   Exceed maximum log file number   520   No backup in progress   521   Backup call out of sequence   523   Cannot do backup now   524   Could not delete backup file   525   Could not make backup temp directory   526   Cannot incremental backup when circular logging enabled   527   For repair, restored with errors   528   Current log file missing   529   Log disk full   530   Bad signature for a log file   531   Bad signature for a db file   532   Bad signature for a checkpoint file   533   Checkpoint file not found or corrupt   534   Patch file page not found during recovery   550   Database is in inconsistent state   551   Database last consistent time unmatched   552   Patch file is not generated from this backup   553   The starting log number too low for the restore   554   The starting log number too high for the restore   555   Restore log file has bad signature   556   Restore log file is not contiguous   557   Some restore log files are missing   558   Existing log file has bad signature   559   Existing log file is not contiguous   560   The database missed a previous full backup before         incremental backup   561   The backup database size is not in 4k   562   Attempted to upgrade a database that is already current   1000   Termination in progress   1001   API not supported   1002   Invalid name   1003   Invalid API parameter   1004   Column is NULL-valued   1006   Buffer too small for data   1007   Database is already attached   1008   Attach a readonly database file for read/write operations   1009   Sort does not fit in memory   1010   Invalid database id   1011   Out of Memory   1012   Maximum database size reached   1013   Out of table cursors   1014   Out of database page buffers   1015   Too many indexes   1016   Too many columns in an index   1017   Record has been deleted   1018   Read verification error   1020   Out of file handles   1022   Disk IO error   1023   Invalid file path   1026   Record larger than maximum size   1027   Too many open databases   1028   Not a database file   1029   JetInit not yet called   1030   JetInit already called   1032   Cannot access file   1034   Query support unavailable   1035   SQL Link support unavailable   1038   Buffer is too small   1039   SeekLE or SeekGE didn't find exact match   1040   Too many columns defined   1043   Container is not empty   1044   Filename is invalid   1045   Invalid bookmark   1046   Column used in an index   1047   Data buffer doesn't match column size   1048   Cannot set column value   1051   Index is in use   1052   Link support unavailable   1053   Null keys are disallowed on index   1054   Operation must be within a transaction   1055   No extended error information   1058   No idle activity occured   1059   Too many active database users   1060   Cannot append long value   1061   Invalid or unknown country code   1062   Invalid or unknown language id   1063   Invalid or unknown code page   1067   No write lock at transaction level 0   1068   Column set to NULL-value   1069   LMaxVerPages exceeded (XJET only)   1070   LCSRPerfFUCB * lMaxCursors exceeded (XJET only)   1101   Out of sessions   1102   Write lock failed due to outstanding write lock   1103   Xactions nested too deeply   1104   Invalid session handle   1107   Another session has private version of page   1108   Operation not allowed within a transaction   1201   Database already exists   1202   Database in use   1203   No such database   1204   Invalid database name   1205   Invalid number of pages   1206   Non-db file or corrupted db   1207   Database exclusively locked   1208   Cannot disable versioning for this database   1301   Open an empty table   1302   Table is exclusively locked   1303   Table already exists   1304   Table is in use, cannot lock   1305   No such table or object   1307   Bad file/index density   1308   Cannot define clustered index   1310   Invalid table id   1311   Cannot open any more tables   1312   Oper. not supported on table   1314   Table or object name in use   1316   Object is invalid for operation   1401   Cannot build clustered index   1402   Primary index already defined   1403   Index is already defined   1404   No such index   1405   Cannot delete clustered index   1406   Illegal index definition   1408   Clustered index already defined   1409   Invalid create index description   1410   Out of index description blocks   1501   Column value is long   1502   No such chunk in long value   1503   Field will not fit in record   1504   Null not valid   1505   Column indexed, cannot delete   1506   Field length is > maximum   1507   No such column   1508   Field is already defined   1510   Second autoinc or version column   1511   Invalid column data type   1512   Max length too big, truncated   1513   Cannot index Bit,LongText,LongBinary   1514   No non-NULL tagged columns   1515   Invalid w/o a current index   1516   The key is completely made   1517   Column Id Incorrect   1518   Bad itagSequence for tagged column   1519   Cannot delete, column participates in relationship   1520   Single instance column bursted   1521   AutoIncrement and Version cannot be tagged   1601   The key was not found   1602   No working buffer   1603   Currency not on a record   1604   Clustered key may not change   1605   Illegal duplicate key   1607   Already copy/clear current   1608   No call to JetMakeKey   1609   No call to JetPrepareUpdate   1610   Data has changed   1611   Data has changed, operation aborted   1618   Moved to new key   1701   Too many sort processes   1702   Invalid operation on Sort   1803   Temp file could not be opened   1805   Too many open databases   1808   No space left on disk   1809   Permission denied   1811   File not found   1813   Database file is read only   1850   Cannot Restore after init.   1852   Logs could not be interpreted   1906   Invalid operation   1907   Access denied   1908   Idle registry full				

The following error code ranges are reserved for external use. As is truefor Jet error codes, these ranges cover the negative as well as positiveform of the numbers in the range.
  30000 through 30999 for use by Vt Object as defined in JETEB.H  32000 through 32767 for use by Import				

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