PRB: Path Limit Is 260 Bytes, Not Characters

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When adding files or creating folders in your project, you may see thefollowing message:
The folder name you specified is too long. The complete folderpath must be less than 260 characters.
You may see this message even if your path is less than 260 charactersbecause of one of the following reasons:

  • This limit is the number of bytes supported in the path, not the numberof characters. If using double-byte characters, you will hit this limitlong before you have 260 characters in the path.
  • The path on your client machine is longer than the path on the Web, so you hit this limit sooner than expected.
The path to the Web files on the server may be shorter than the path to thefiles on the local drive. Although the Web path may be short enough, whenyou add a few extra folders for the local drive location the path becomestoo long. For example, a Web path could be as follows:
"C:\inetpub\wwwroot\some long path" (less than 260 characters)

While the path on the local drive could be as follows:
"C:\program files\devstudio\an extremely long project directory\ MyProjects\some long path"
This simple example adds just over 50 bytes to the path length.

When working with double-byte characters, these limits are reached muchfaster, and the difference between the Web path length and the local pathlength would be more distinct.
Do not use paths of unusually long lengths.
This behavior is by design.
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