PUB: List of Basic Color Names Used in Colors Dialog Box

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The following article provides a list of basic color names used in theColors dialog box. (On the Format menu, click Fill Colors.) In MicrosoftPublisher, the names are displayed in a ScreenTip for each color swatch.

NOTE: Some basic colors do not have friendly names (Red, Peach, Pumpkin,etc.) assigned to them. For those colors, the RGB value is displayed in thetip rather than the name.
Colors with assigned names are listed in the following table. Colors thatare defined in terms of their RGB values are not listed here.
   Color Column   Index   Color Name   ------------   -----   ----------   Purple             1     Purple   Purple             2     Dark Violet   Purple             9     Fuchsia   Purple            12     Lilac   Blue               1     Blue   Blue               2     Medium Blue   Blue               4     Navy   Blue               6     Cobalt   Blue              11     Aqua   Blue              12     Periwinkle   Green              1     Lime   Green              2     Emerald   Green              5     Green   Green              8     Teal   Green             12     Light Green   Yellow             1     Yellow   Yellow             2     Avocado   Yellow             3     Olive   Yellow            10     Saffron   Yellow            12     Light Yellow   Orange             1     Orange   Orange             2     Sienna   Orange             3     Brown   Orange             6     Pumpkin   Orange            12     Peach   Red                1     Red   Red                2     Brick   Red                3     Maroon   Red                6     Burgundy   Red               10     Coral   Black              1     Black   Black              4     Charcoal   Black              7     Gray   Black             10     Silver   Black             12     White				
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