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OL97: Error Msg: "The MAPI Spooler could not be started"

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When attempting to start Microsoft Outlook 97, you may get the followingerror message:
The MAPI Spooler could not be started. Close and then restart all mail-enabled applications MAPI 1.0 (000004c7)
followed by the message:
Unable to open the Outlook window.

Case 1

A missing Mapisp32.exe file causes this problem. The Mapisp32.exe file mayhave been removed or renamed by your anti-virus program. This problem hasbeen reported when using ThunderByte Anti-Virus software, manufactured byTCT-ThunderByte Corp, but may also be caused by other anti-virus programs.

Case 2

You shut down the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI)Spooler (Mapisp32.exe) by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE, and performing anEnd Task on the file, but have other MAPI enabled applications open whenyou try to restart Outlook.

Case 1

If you have a file named Mapisp32.vxe in your Windows\System folder, renameit to Mapisp32.exe. If not, copy the Mapisp32.exe file from your setupCompact Disc and set your anti-virus program to ignore the file.

If Mapisp32.exe is present and in the proper location, uninstall Outlookincluding Windows Messaging and reinstall Outlook.

Case 2

Exit all MAPI enabled applications before starting Outlook.
If you disable your anti-virus software during installation, Outlook mayrun immediately after installation but fail to run (giving the errormessages above) after a restart of the computer. This is becauserestarting the computer reinitiates the anti-virus software. TheThunderByte anti-virus software defaults to "Rename" for any new programfile found on the system. You must instruct it to ignore the Mapisp32.exeprogram.

ThunderByte Anti-Virus is manufactured by CT-ThunderByte Corp., a vendorindependent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise,regarding this product's performance or reliability.

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