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INFO: HTTP Reply Codes and Messages

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Below is a listing of the HTTP reply codes and their meanings. This can behelpful when troubleshooting Internet-based errors.
HTTP Reply Codes and Messages
Reply Code   Reason Phrase      Definition-----------------------------------------------------------------------200          OK                 The request was successful.201          Created            The request was successful and a new                                resource was created.202          Accepted           The request was accepted for processing,                                but the processing is not yet complete.204          No Content         The server has processed the request but                                there is no new information to be returned.300          Multiple           The requested resource is available at one                                or more locations.301          Moved Permanently  The requested resource has been assigned a                                new URL and any further references should                                use this new URL.302          Moved Temporarily  The requested resource resides at a                                different location, but will return to this                                location in the future.304          Not Modified       The requested resource has not been                                modified since the date specified in the                                If-Modified_Since header.400          Bad Request        The server could not properly interpret the                                request.401          Unauthorized       The request requires user authorization.403          Forbidden          The server has understood the request and                                has refused to satisfy it.404          Not Found          The server cannot find the information                                specified in the request.500          Internal Server    The server could not satisfy the request             Error              due to an internal error condition.501          Not Implemented    The server does not support the requested                                feature.502          Bad Gateway        The server received an invalid response                                from the server from which it was trying to                                retrieve information.503          Service            The server cannot process this request             Unavailable        at the current time.				
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