FP97: What You Need to Know if You're Using FrontPage & AOL

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America Online (AOL) uses unique proprietary dialer software. This articledescribes several items you should keep in mind if you are using FrontPagewith America Online's Internet software.
NOTE: Microsoft support engineers do not troubleshoot America Onlineconnectivity issues through an America Online dial-up connection. Thisarticle is provided for information purposes only.

You can download the latest version of America Online's Internet softwareby connecting to the following World Wide Web site:

   <WWLINK TYPE="GENERIC" VALUE="http://www.aol.com/try/">http://www.aol.com/try/</WWLINK>				

If you are using FrontPage and America Online's Internet software, keep thefollowing in mind:

  1. You must have the latest 32-bit version of America Online's Internet software, version 4.0 installed on your computer.

    NOTE: America Online does not currently publish Internet software for Microsoft Windows NT.
  2. You can publish your content by making a dial-up connection to AOL. You will not be able to publish your content by using a TCP/IP connection.
  3. You must log on to America Online before you start any FrontPage component. If you start FrontPage before you log on to America Online, FrontPage will not be able to find the network, and you will not be able to publish your content.
  4. To publish a Web, publish to members.aol.com. If you want to publish your content root, leave the path field blank. If you want to publish to a specific folder in your Web, specify a subfolder. You do not need to specify your username as the folder path.

    NOTE: When you use an FTP (File Transport Protocol) client, you need to have an incoming folder to allow for any external software using the FTP service to pass through the fire wall.
  5. Your username should be "anonymous" (without the quotation marks) and the password should be "<AOL User Name>@aol.com"(without the quotation marks), where <AOL User Name> is your America Online log on account name.

    NOTE: If this does not work, use your screenname for the User Name and your screenname password for the Password.
America Online Internet software is manufactured by America Online, avendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise,regarding this product's performance or reliability.
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