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BUG: T-SQL Debugger Does Not Run on NT with User Account

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T-SQL Debugger causes the following error when a stored procedure is calledif the Visual Basic 5.0 application is being run on an NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 machine where the login was to a User Account:
"You must have Privledges to modify the registry"
Note The word "Privileges" is misspelled in the error message.

Visual Basic will hang when the application is ended and the task managermust be invoked to shut it down.
Use an login account that has administrator rights.
This is by design.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Login into an NT or Windows 2000 server with administrator privileges.
  2. Create a stored procedure on Sqlserver 6.5 by running the following code in ISQL/W:
          CREATE PROCEDURE findstate @whichstate char(2) as      select * from authors where state= @whichstate						
  3. Create a Visual Basic Project and check "Microsoft Remote Data Object 2.0" under Project References.
  4. Under Add-Ins Manager, check Visual Basic T-SQL Debugger. Under Tools, T_SQL Debugging Option make sure both check boxes are checked. See references mentioned below for setting up T-SQL Debugger.
  5. Place two CommandButtons on the form. Paste the following code in the form:

    Note You must change Username=<username> and PWD=<strong password> to the correct values before you run this code. Make sure that Username has the appropriate permissions to perform this operation on the database.
             Option Explicit           Dim cn As rdoConnection           Dim qy As rdoQuery           Dim rs As rdoResultset           Dim strConnect As String           Dim n As Integer         Private Sub Command2_Click()            rs.Close            Set rs = Nothing            unload me         End Sub     Private Sub Command1_Click()        strConnect = "driver={SQL Server};server=servername;" & _          "database=pubs;Username=<username>;PWD=<strong password>;"        rdoEnvironments(0).CursorDriver = rdUseOdbc        Set cn = rdoEnvironments(0).OpenConnection( _          dsName:="", _          Prompt:=rdDriverNoPrompt, _          ReadOnly:=False, _          Connect:=strConnect)        Set qy = cn.CreateQuery("sql", _                "{call pubs.dbo.findstate(?) }")        qy.RowsetSize = 1        qy.rdoParameters(0) = "CA"        Set rs = qy.OpenResultset( _          Type:=rdOpenForwardOnly, _          LockType:=rdConcurReadOnly)        While Not rs.EOF          debug.print rs(0) & ", " & rs(1)          rs.MoveNext        Wend      End Sub						
  6. Place a break point on the procedure call line.
  7. Run the code and T-SQL debugger should come up.
  8. Press the F5 key and it should continue.
  9. Close Visual Basic and restart NT. Login to User Account.
  10. Open the same project making sure T-SQL debugger is activated.
  11. Run the application and the error will appear.
Visual Basic Books Online, query on "t-sql debugger," use quotes.

Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Basic & SQLserver. pp411-413

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