INFO: Troubleshooting the Visual Studio Service Pack Download

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This article describes some common problems users may experience whendownloading and installing Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 3.
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1. Scenario: Problem Updating Files

After I completed the Service Pack setup, there were no errors, but it didnot seem to update all of my files. I checked the versions of the fileslisted in the Readme section "Determining the Update History of theProducts Based on File Versions", and not all of the products were updated.

Diagnosis and Proposed Solution:

First, check the VS97SP3.log file to see if setup tried to install thatfile. If there is a log entry, then it was in the Service Pack download andthe log file should tell you what went wrong. If there is no log entry, itcould mean that the file did not exist in your computer before you ran theService Pack (the Service Pack will typically not update files you do notalready have). The other possibility is that the Service Pack download isincomplete and missing that file.

There can be several reasons why the download was incomplete. If you expandthe downloaded files by double-clicking vssp3_1.exe (or vssp3.exe forVisual Basic-only downloads), some error messages will not be visible longenough to read. To solve this:
  1. Delete the Vs97_sp3 directory
  2. Open a command prompt (a DOS window)
  3. From inside the command prompt, run vssp3_1.exe (or vssp3.exe for Visual Basic only downloads)
One possible cause for not getting a complete download is running out ofdisk space when running Vssp3_1.exe to create the Vs97_sp3 directory tree.

2. Scenario: Destination File Error

When I expanded the downloaded files by running vssp3_1.exe, it gave me theerror message:
ERROR: Error creating destination file VS97_SP3\all\vb\vb\vba5.dll from cabinet file VSSP3_1.EXE
Diagnosis and Proposed Solution:

This is probably caused by running out of hard-disk space. The files youdownloaded are compressed and running vssp3_1.exe decompresses them intothe Service Pack installation directory Vs97_sp3. The uncompressed form canbe more than three times as large as the downloaded files. Either free upmore hard-disk space or use the /L option to specify some other drive anddirectory to expand the Service Pack files into: vssp3_1.exe /L x:\temp.

3. Scenario: Problem Finding Setup Executable

When I ran the Service Pack setup, it said it could not findVs97_sp3\enu\setup.exe.

Diagnosis and Proposed Solution:

The setup routine in the Vs97_sp3 directory is a language-independentstarter. This starter setup simply checks what kind of language should beused and then starts the actual setup.exe. There are several differentsetup routines localized for different languages. The one with English textis \enu\setup.exe.

This problem is another symptom of an incomplete download. Follow the stepsin the answer to number 1 above to see the error messages that might helpresolve the problem.

4. Scenario: Problem Finding Other Files

When I ran the Service Pack setup, it said it could not find

Diagnosis and Proposed Solution:

The downloads for CORE, FULL, and VC Alpha are all more than just one file.Be sure to download all of the files for these versions of the ServicePack. Another cause for this problem is if you downloaded the CAB files toa different location than vssp3_1.exe. In that case, simply provide thelocation of the cab files on the command line where it is displaying theerror.
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