How To SQL Server with Integrated Security, IIS on Same Machine

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This article describes how to set up Microsoft SQL Server using IntegratedSecurity on the same physical machine as Microsoft Internet InformationServer.
When using SQL Server through a Trusted Connection, it may be necessary tohost SQL Server and Internet Information Server on the same machine. Thisis commonly done with IIS 3.0 to work around limitations in accessing SQLServer through a Trusted Connection.

To allow access to SQL Server through a Trusted Connection, the SQL ServerLogin Security Mode needs to be set to either Mixed, or Windows NTIntegrated. This can be changed from the Microsoft SQL Server EnterpriseManager,. From the Server menu, select SQL Server and Configure. Thelogin settings are on the tab labeled Security Options.

To properly facilitate ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) connections from ActiveServer Pages (ASP), a System data source name (DSN) must be used.

Use the following steps to set up this DSN

  1. On the machine running Windows NT 4.0 that hosts these two products, click the Start menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Control Panel.
  4. Double-click ODBC.
  5. Select the System DSN tab from the tabbed dialog box.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Select the SQL Server ODBC driver from the list.
  8. Name your new data source.
  9. In the Server combo-box, type "(local)" without the quotes.
  10. Check the "Trusted Connection" check box.
  11. Change whatever additional settings are necessary for your DSN.
  12. Click OK.
By setting the server to (local) we are preventing anyone using this DSNfrom looking out to the network for the SQL Server. By avoiding this step,you prevent the NTLM authentication process necessary to establish atrusted connection to SQL Server.

After setting up this DSN, you may access it as you would normally in ASPcode.
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