Using command-line switches with playlist files

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Playlist files are text files (with an .LST file name extension) that contain a list of PowerPoint presentations. These files allow thePowerPoint viewer to play multiple slide shows in order. This article describes the commmand-line switches that you can use within a playlist file.

NOTE: Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 also supports command-lineswitches when started from the Run dialog box, or from a Microsoft Windows 95 shortcut link file.
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Command lines should use the following format
   ppview32.exe [command-line switches] "<path\powerpnt file name>"				
where <path\powerpnt file name> is the path and file name for the presentation you want to include in the playlist.

The following command-line switches are supported:
   Switch              Used for   -------------------------------------------------------------------   /A or /a            Automatic advance   /R=n-m or /r=n-m    Slide range   (where n<=m)   /L or /l            Loop continuously   /P or /p            Print, for printing file   /K or /k            Kiosk password, for setting a kiosk mode for file   /V or /v            For showing the macro virus dialog box				
NOTE: The /v switch does not enable the use of macros, it simply enables a special dialog box to be displayed when opening other documents that might have macros enabled, such as a Word document.

Playlist files used with the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 do notrecognize switches when opened at the command line. However, you can usecommand-line switches within the playlist file using the format below.

To apply a switch to individual files, use the following format:
   [switch] <path\filename>   [switch] <path\filename>   ...   [switch] <path\filename>				
The following example loops a presentation until ESC is pressed, and thenmoves to the next presentation and loops it:
   /L PRES1.PPT   /L PRES2.PPT   ...   /L PRESx.PPT				
To apply a switch across a group of files, use the following format:
   [switch] "<path\filename>" "<path\filename>" ... "<path\filename>"				
The following example plays each presentation once, and then begins again after the last presentation has completed:
   /L "PRES1.PPT" "PRES2.PPT" ... "PRESx.PPT"				
Not all command-line switches are available within playlist files. Thefollowing switches are supported within .LST files: /A, /R=N-M, /L, /K, and /V.
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