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Startup Tab in Msconfig Tool Has Duplicate Check Box Entries

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When you view the Startup tab in the System Configuration Utility tool,you may see duplicate check box entries.
This problem can occur if you reinstall or upgrade Windows 98 while itemson the Startup tab are disabled.
To work around this problem, click each check box to select it on theStartup tab before you upgrade or reinstall Windows 98.
More information
The System Configuration Utility tool (Msconfig.exe) automates the routinetroubleshooting steps that Microsoft Technical Support engineers use whendiagnosing issues with your Windows 98 configuration. You can use thistool to modify the system configuration through a process of eliminationwith check boxes, reducing the risk of typing errors previously associatedwith Notepad and System Configuration Editor.

Using the System Configuration Utility tool, you can isolate the specificfile entry that is causing the problem. Once the specific file entry thatis causing the problem is determined, you should edit the appropriate file or registry entry to remove this entry and return the System Configuration Utility to Normal Startup.

System Configuration Utility can also create a backup copy of your systemfiles before you begin a troubleshooting session. Create backup copies ofyour system files to ensure that the modifications made during yourtroubleshooting session can be reversed.

NOTE: You may notice two entries for LoadPowerProfile, since it runstwice. This is by design.

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