Error running ISINTEG on a Cluster Server

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When you run Isinteg -patch on a Microsoft Cluster Server, you may receive the following error message:
The private store could not be updated
Reason: JET_errKeyDuplicate
Before you run the Isinteg -patch command on a Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 computer that is running on Microsoft Cluster Server, you must set the environment variable _CLUSTER_NETWORK_NAME_ to the Exchange Resource Group network name. For example, if your Exchange Resource Group network name is EXCLUSTER, type the following at the command prompt (all uppercase):
IP ADDRESS NAME is the name assigned to the IP Address resource in the Exchange Resource Group. This is essentially the NetBIOS name of the Exchange Server 5.5 computer. It is found using Cluster Admin\Exchange Resource Group\Exchange Cluster Network Name\Properties\Parameters.

More information
In some cases Isinteg -patch may fail after you restore a database that was forklifted from a stand-alone Exchange Server 5.5 computer to a clustered Exchange Server 5.5 computer.

This failure is known to occur if the _CLUSTER_NETWORK_NAME_ environment variable has an incorrect value. The most frequent reason the environment variable is rendered invalid is a typographical error.

The error may occur if you type the incorrect or incomplete variable name, such as _cluster_network_name, or if you type an incorrect or incomplete NetBIOS name of the cluster. After the variable is set, it cannot be changed.

If the environment variable is set incorrectly, you must completely restore the database because the cluster name in the information cannot be changed.

Microsoft recommends that you take steps to make sure that you type the correct NetBIOS name for the cluster. One way to do this is to use a batch file that is similar to the following:
ECHO Enter the NetBIOS name of the Exchange Virtual Server : %1 ECHO Is %1 the correct NetBIOS name ? ECHO If yes, press any key; else use ctrl-c, ctrl-break or end the dos prompt session.PAUSEECHO Are you certain %1 is the correct NetBIOS name for the cluster ? ECHO If yes, press any key; else use ctrl-c, ctrl-break or end the dos prompt session.PAUSESET _CLUSTER_NETWORK_NAME_=%1 ECHO The cluster NetBIOS name and environment variableECHO _CLUSTER_NETWORK_NAME_ have been set to = %1 ECHO press any key to execute isinteg -patch ECHO this is the last step in preparing the information store to startPAUSE ISINTEG -PATCH PAUSE 
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