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When you attempt to configure the Profile Assistant tool in InternetExplorer by clicking Internet Options on the View menu and then clickingthe Content tab, the Edit Profile and Reset Sharing buttons may beunavailable.

In Internet Explorer 5, when you attempt to configure the ProfileAssistant tool by clicking Internet Options on the Tools menu andthen clicking the Content tab, you may receive the following promptwhen you click the My Profile button:
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To display this page correctly, you need to download and install the following components:

Windows Address Book

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This behavior can occur if Microsoft Outlook Express is not installed onyour computer. The Profile Assistant tool requires the Wab32.dll filewhich is installed only by Outlook Express.
For Internet Explorer 5, click Download to download and install theWindows Address Book (Wab32.dll).

To resolve this behavior, install Outlook Express. To do so, follow thesesteps:

NOTE: You must install Outlook Express to enable the Profile Assistanttool. If you do not want Outlook Express to remain on your computer afteryou enable the Profile Assistant tool, you can uninstall it by using theAdd/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel. Once the Profile Assistant toolis enabled, it works properly without Outlook Express.

Install Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an Internet Explorer component that you can installafter Internet Explorer is installed by using the Add/Remove Programs toolin Control Panel.

For information about how to add or remove Internet Explorercomponents, please see the following article in the Microsoft KnowledgeBase:
171229How to add and remove Internet Explorer components
For information about how to configure Outlook Express for Internet mailand Internet news, please see the following articles in the MicrosoftKnowledge Base:
171163How to configure Outlook Express 6.0 for Internet mail

171164How to cnfigure Outlook Express for Internet News
More information
You can use Profile Assistant to specify your registration and demographicinformation. Internet Explorer automatically sends this information to Websites that require it. This saves you from having to type the sameinformation every time you visit a new Web site. This informationcannot be viewed on your computer or shared with others without yourpermission.

For additional information about Profile Assistant, click Contents AndIndex on the Help menu in Internet Explorer, click the Index tab, typeprofile, and then double-click the "ProfileAssistant" topic.
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