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WD95: Word Cannot "Save As" Due To A File Permission Error

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When you use the Save As command to save a file to an NT file system (NTFS)partition on your computer, and when the original file exists on a serverNTFS partition, you receive the following error message:
Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error
This error message will occur under Windows NT 4.0 when the followingconditions are true:

  • The file on the server share has Change permissions granted to a local group,

  • You logged onto the client machine as a member of this local group,

  • You are not a member of a group with greater permissions to the file.
Also note that a temporary file will be left on the destination path of theattempted save, and this file will have permissions duplicating those ofthe original file.
When performing the Save As operation, Word first copies the permissionsfrom the server file to a newly created temporary file. It then attempts torename the temporary file. The rename fails, because the access rights fromthe original file do not resolve to the logged on user on the clientmachine. This occurs because local groups only have meaning on the machinewhere they are defined. The only exceptions to this are local groupsdefined on a primary domain controller, which are replicated to all backupdomain controllers in the domain.
To resolve this problem, upgrade to Word 97 for Windows.

To work around this problem, use any of the following methods.

  • Copy the file from the server to the local machine before opening it in Word.

  • From Word, use a FAT partition for the destination path for the file when you use the Save As command.

  • Grant Change permissions on the file to a Global group, and add the appropriate users to the same group.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Word for Windows95, version 7.0. This Problem was corrected in Word 97 for Windows.
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