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SQL Server Utility Files Available

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Several SQL Server utilities are now available for download. The files that are available are documented in the "More Information" section of this article.
More information
The following files are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

File Contents

Contents of Esqlc.exe:
File name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Readme.txt     Additional information for Embedded SQL for Visual C/C++ 4.2Sqlakw32.dll   Executable if combining Microsoft Embedded SQL for C and               MicroFocus Embedded SQL for COBOL				

Contents of Fpsqlcs.exe:
File Name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Fpsqlcs.doc    Client-Server Application Development using FoxPro and               SQL Server white paper				

Contents of Projsql.exe:
File name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Readme.txt     Additional information for the Projsql.sql script file; this               file can help you modify Microsoft Project database tablesProjsql.sql    SQL Script to created and copy existing Microsoft Project               tables				

Contents of Sqlhdtst.exe:
File name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Readme.txt     How to use the utilitySqlhdalp.exe   Executable for DEC Alpha-based computersSQLHDX86.exe   Executable for Intel-based computersSqlhdppc.exe   Executable for PPC-based computers				

Contents of Sqlinfo.exe:
File name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Intro.doc      Introduction documentBkguide.doc    Managing Production Environments: Backup and Recovery               Guidelines for Microsoft SQL Server (February 1994)Drda.doc       Connecting Windows NT to Enterprise Data via DRDA               (September 1994)Dynamic.doc    Network Configuration Options with Microsoft SQL Server for               Windows NTMs_suprt.doc   Microsoft Mission-Critical Support Services: An Overview for               Information ManagersNetlib2.doc    Microsoft SQL Server Network Integration Architecture               (February 1994)Opttech2.doc   Query Optimization Techniques (February 1994)Sappr.doc      SAP Announces Plans to Deliver R/3 System On Microsoft SQL               Server 6.0 (Press Release, March 1995)Sql6annc.doc   Microsoft Ships Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 (Press Release,               June 1995)Sql6cust.doc   Microsoft SQL Server Customer Solutions and Profiles               (June 1995)Sql6isv.doc    Companies Announcing Support for Microsoft SQL Server 6.0               (June 1995)Sql6us$.doc    Microsoft SQL Server version 6.0 Estimated Retail Pricing               (US) (May 1995)Visgenpr.doc   Technology-Licensing Agreement with Visigenic for UNIX-Based               Apps (Press Release, March 1995) (NOTE: As of 12/9/98,               Visigenic has been acquired by INPRISE, Inc.)Achkupg.exe    DEC Alpha version for Check Upgrade utilityIchkupg.exe    Intel version for Check Upgrade utilityMchkupg.exe    MIPS version for Check Upgrade utility				

Contents of Sqlkb.exe:
File name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Sreadme.txt    How to use the utilitySqlkb.HLP      Help file for various SQL Server subjects and Microsoft               Knowledge Base articlesSqlkb.cnt      Help file content index				

Contents of Sqlole.exe:
File name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Readme.txt     SQL Server 6.0 and SQL Workstation 6.0 SQL Distributed               Management Objects (SQL-DMO) Sample Programs (this readme               file lists all files contained)				

Contents of Sqlsmts.exe:
File name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Readme.txt     Using Dynaset SQL Statements From a List Box in Visual               Basic 3.0; contains the sample Sql_pub.mak project and               contains the Sql_pub.frm file				

Contents of Sqlstres.exe:
File name      Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Readme.txt     INF: SQLSNIFF-Sample Windows NT Open Data Services               Application				

Contents of Sqlunpub.exe:
File name       Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Readme.txt      Readme.txt file that accompanies the "repl65_4.sql" script                to create the sp_MSunpublish_db stored procedureRepl65_4.sql    Stored procedure that removes replication related                information from a database that has been loaded from a                dump of a published database				

Contents of Sqlupdt.exe:
File name       Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Readme.txt      ZIP file that contains the updated drivers for SQL Server                and Oracle; these drivers were included with Microsoft                Access 1.1. To install the updates, run Setup.exe.Oracle.txt      Describes how to set up the ODBC Oracle driver to run with                your Oracle Server software.Instcat.sql     Installs system stored proceduresSetup.exe       Executable for Microsoft ODBC Setup				

Contents of Sqlwin.exe:
File name       Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Sqlwin.c        A very generic template for Windows DB-Library                applications. The source code for Sqlwin.exe along with .h                and associated files to compile this code. This application                returns the number of rows in the authors table of the pubs                database through message boxes.				

Contents of Vbcobsql.exe:
File name       Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------Abstract        VBCOBSQL: Demonstrates a mixed-language (Visual Basic and                COBOL-ESQL) application. Contains all source code and forms                necessary for compiling a mixed-language application.                VBCOBSQL uses the pubs database from the SQL Server. The demo                 makes several queries to the pubs database. It also allows you                 to insert and delete authors and add new publications to                 the database.				
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Microsoft SQL Server 4.21a Standard Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Standard Edition

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