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INFO: Identifying the Jet Database Engine Components

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DAO is a COM wrapper around the Jet Engine, which is used by MicrosoftAccess, Excel, Project, Visual Basic, and the Microsoft Foundation Classes(among others). It can be confusing which version of Jet you are usingbecause so many applications may distribute Jet onto your machine. Thetables and explanations in this article are intended to help you identifythe version and components of Jet that you are using for the givenapplication.
This table displays which version of Jet is shipped with each of thefollowing products.
   Application                      Microsoft JET version   -----------------------------------------------------------------------   Microsoft Access 1.0             1.0   Microsoft Access 1.1             1.1   Microsoft Access 2.0             2.0   Microsoft Access 2.0             2.5 with Microsoft Access Service Pack   Microsoft Access 7.0             3.0   Microsoft Access 97              3.5 with Office 97   Microsoft Access 97 SR1          3.5 with Office 97SR1   Visual Basic 3.0                 1.1   Visual Basic 3.0                 2.0 with Visual Basic Compatibility                                        Layer   Visual Basic 3.0                 2.5 with Microsoft Access Service Pack   Visual Basic 4.0 16-bit          2.5   Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit          3.0   Visual Basic 5.0 32-bit          3.0   Visual Basic 5.0 32-bit          3.5   Visual C++ 4.X                   3.0   Visual C++ 5.0                   3.5   Jet 3.51 (web download)          3.51 (Latest, 3.5 Binary compatible)				

Compatibility Among Versions

With each new version of Microsoft Jet, enhancements in functionality andchanges to the structure of the database file cause problems with backwardcompatibility. Wherever possible, efforts have been made to ensure an easymigration path among versions. However, incompatibilities do exist. Thefollowing table illustrates how you can use database files and objectsamong different versions of Microsoft Jet.
                            Jet Version                 --------------------------------                 1.0   1.1   2.0   2.5   3.0  3.5   ----------------------------------------------   MDB Version   -----------   1.0            Y     Y     Y     Y     Y    Y   1.1            N     Y     Y     Y     Y    Y   2.0            N     N     Y     Y     Y    Y   3.0            N     N     N     N     Y    Y				

A "Y" indicates that you can use the database without conversion; "N"indicates that you cannot use or convert the database. With DAO code, youcan open any version of any database up to the same version of MicrosoftJet. Microsoft Access is an exception to this rule because it can open onlythose databases with the same version as itself. However, it can link totables with the same or earlier version. In other words, if you upgrade toMicrosoft Jet 3.0, you will still be able to read version 2.x databases.

There is no version 2.5 or 3.5 of an .mdb file (just 2.0 and 3.0), whichare common to the x.0 and x.5 versions of Jet.

Jet 2.0 and Jet 2.5 use identical database formats in every aspect. Jet 2.0can read databases created with Jet 2.5.

Microsoft Jet 3.5 databases have the same structure as Jet 3.0. MicrosoftJet 3.0 can read data from Microsoft Jet 3.5 tables. The main limitationhere is that Microsoft Jet 3.5 may support additional properties on thedatabase object that aren't recognized or taken advantage of by MicrosoftJet 3.0, but there aren't any data incompatibilities.

Notice that Visual Basic 3.0 is capable of using three different versionsof Jet each requiring a separate set of dynamic link libraries (DLLs). Thiscan cause problems when your Visual Basic application expects to use Jet2.0 for example, and then you install another Visual Basic applicationusing an earlier version of Jet on the same system that replaces some ofthe version 2.0 DLLs with version 1.1. Typically the problem DLL in thissituation is Vbdb300.dll because it determines which version of the Jetengine will be used.

The following table should help you solve any version conflicts, and helpyou identify the version of Jet you are using. You may use the Wps.exeutility shipped with Visual Basic to find out which version of Jet youcurrently have loaded in memory. Wps.exe is located in the \VB\CDKdirectory of Visual Basic 3.0 Professional, and in \TOOLS\PSS directory ofthe Visual Basic 4.0 CD. Pay special attention to the version informationobtained from File Manager (File, Properties) in Visual Basic 3.0, andMicrosoft System Info. in Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit.

The following files are required by Visual Basic to use the Jet DatabaseEngine:
   Jet Version    File          Version     Description   ---------------------------------------------------------------------   1.1            VBDB300.DLL   3.00.0528   VB/JET support                  MSAES110.DLL  1.10.0000   Expression services                  MSAJT110.DLL  1.10.0001   Jet 1.1 engine                  XBS110.DLL    1.10.0002   External xBASE ISAM                  BTRV110.DLL   1.10.0000   External Btrieve ISAM                  PDX110.DLL    1.10.0000   External Paradox ISAM   2.0 (comlyr)   VBDB300.DLL   3.00.0529   VB/JET support                  MSAJT112.DLL  1.99.1605   Jet 2.x comp. loader                  MSAJT200.DLL  2.00.0000   Jet 2.0 engine                  XBS200.DLL    2.00.0000   External xBASE ISAM                  BTRV200.DLL   2.00.0000   External Btrieve ISAM                  PDX200.DLL    2.00.0000   External Paradox ISAM   2.5 (accsvc)   VBDB300.DLL   3.00.0529   VB/JET support                  MSAJT112.DLL  1.99.1605   Jet 2.x comp loader                  MSAJT200.DLL  2.50.1606   Jet 2.5 engine                  MSJETERR.DLL  2.50.1108   Error services                  MSJETINT.DLL  2.50.1108   International                  XBS200.DLL    2.50.1108   External xBASE ISAM                  BTRV200.DLL   2.50.1108   External Btrieve ISAM                  PDX200.DLL    2.50.1108   External Paradox ISAM   2.5 (VB4 16)   VBDB16.DLL    4.00.2422   VB/JET support                  MSAJT200.DLL  2.50.1606   Jet 2.5 engine                  MSJETERR.DLL  2.50.1111   Error services                  MSJETINT.DLL  2.50.1111   International                  XBS200.DLL    2.50.1117   External xBASE ISAM                  BTRV200.DLL   2.50.1117   External Btrieve ISAM                  PDX200.DLL    2.50.1117   External Paradox ISAM                  MSXL2016.DLL  2.50.1117   External Excel ISAM                  MSTX2016.DLL  2.50.1117   External Text ISAM   3.0            MSJT3032.DLL  Jet 3.0 engine                  MSJINT32.DLL  International                  MSJTER32.DLL  Error services                  MSXL3032.DLL  External Excel ISAM                  MSRD2X32.DLL  External Jet 2.0 ISAM                  MSLT3032.DLL  External Lotus ISAM                  MSPX3032.DLL  External Paradox ISAM                  MSXB3032.DLL  External xBASE ISAM                  MSTX3032.DLL  External Text ISAM				

With Jet 3.5x, there have been multiple releases. The following tableindicates which version of Jet applies to a given product:
                 Access 97                 Access 97a   FileName      Office 97    VB5          Office 97a   Jet 3.51   ------------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------   MSEXCL35.DLL  3.50.3428.0  3.50.3602.5  3.50.3907.0      n/a   MSJET35.DLL   3.50.3428.0  3.50.3602.4  3.50.3907.5  3.51.0623.4   MSJINT35.DLL  3.50.3428.0  3.50.3602.5  3.50.3907.0      n/a   MSJTER35.DLL  3.50.3428.0  3.50.3602.0  3.50.3907.0      n/a   MSLTUS35.DLL      n/a      3.50.3602.5      n/a          n/a   MSPDOX35.DLL      n/a      3.50.3602.0      n/a          n/a   MSRD2X35.DLL  3.50.3428.0  3.50.3602.0  3.50.3907.0      n/a   MSREPL35.DLL  3.50.3428.0  3.50.3602.0  3.50.3907.1  3.51.0623.0   MSTEXT35.DLL  3.50.3428.0  3.50.3602.0  3.50.3907.0      n/a   MSXBSE35.DLL  3.50.3428.0  3.50.3602.0  3.50.3907.0      n/a   VBAJET32.DLL       n/a   VBAR332.DLL       n/a				
"Microsoft Jet Database Engine Programmer's Guide 2nd Edition," by DanHaught and Jim Ferguson, Microsoft Press, 1997, ISBN 1-57231-342-0

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