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Script Wizard, an add-in for Microsoft Word, has been created by StefaniWarren & Associates to include scene numbers for screenplays and video,automated act and scene numbering, and page header notations for televisionand stage scripts.

This program is particularly useful for screenplay writing.

Features of Script Wizard

  • All script forms and styles are supported.
  • Script Wizard includes templates for 12 professional script formats, including screenplays, sitcoms, soap operas, radio-style scripts, stage plays, 2-column A/V, and story board formats.
  • Scripts are faxable.
  • You can use WinFAX with Script Wizard files by clicking a button. And, you can send and receive files via modem for direct editing.
  • Scripts can be imported and exported.
  • Script Wizard can import script files written in Movie Master, Scriptware, DOS Word/WSA, TWCS, Word Perfect, Script Perfection, Super Script, Final Draft, Word for Macintosh, and Scriptor OUT files. It can export files back to those same programs.
  • Script Wizard is seamlessly integrated.
  • Scriptwriting toolbars and menus appear when Script Wizard files are opened, and disappear again when they are closed. Display options are maintained separately from those which the user sets for work in basic Word For Windows. And, you can run as many other add-ons and add-ins as your computer's working memory will allow. Shortcut keys and toolbars make writing and formatting scripts quick and easy. Detailed dialog boxes and online help guide you through every step of every script writing task.
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Contact information for Stefani Warren & Associates is as follows:
Stefani Warren & Associates
1517 Hillside Drive
Glendale, CA 91208
Phone: (818) 500-7081
Fax: (818) 500-7283
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