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This article describes how to install Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Editionby using the Microsoft Office Installer. When you use the Microsoft OfficeInstaller instead of the drag-and-drop installation method, you can controlspecifically which Office components are installed.

After Microsoft Office has been installed, you can use the Microsoft OfficeInstaller to reinstall your original Office configuration or to add asingle program or part of a program.
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To install Office or an Office component by using the Microsoft OfficeInstaller, follow these steps:
  1. Insert the Microsoft Office 98 compact disc (CD).
  2. Open the Office Custom Install folder on the Office 98 CD.
  3. Double-click Microsoft Office Installer.
  4. Select the type of installation that you want to perform.

    Easy Install: By default, the Easy Install option is selected. When you click Easy Install and install Office, the most commonly used Office components are copied to the hard disk.

    Custom Install: To control which components of Office are installed, click Custom Install. When you click Custom Install, the components that are included when you click Easy Install are automatically selected.

    NOTE: All of the options that are listed in the Custom Install screen are cleared if you click Remove, and then click Custom Install in the list of installation options.

    To see a list of the available components for an Office program, click the triangle next to the program.

    A dash (-) in the check box for an Office program indicates that some, but not all, options are selected for that program.

    An "X" in the check box for an Office program indicates that all components are selected for that program.

    An empty check box indicates that no components will be installed for that program.

    How to Install Product Help

    For example, if you need to install Help for Microsoft Word, follow these steps:
    1. Click the triangle next to Microsoft Word.
    2. Click the triangle next to the Help item in the list.
    3. Click to select the Help For Microsoft Word check box.
    NOTE: If you also want to install the Visual Basic Help files, click to select the Help For Visual Basic check box.

  5. In the Install Location list, click the hard disk partition or network volume in which you want to install Office.

    By default, the Microsoft Office Installer installs Office in a folder named Microsoft Office 98 on the disk or volume that you select in the Install Location list.

    You can specify a folder in which to install Office by clicking Select Folder in the Install Location list. When you install Office in a specific folder, the Microsoft Office Installer automatically creates a folder named Microsoft Office 98 in the folder that you specify.
  6. Click Install to begin the installation process.
  7. If you are installing Office for the first time, follow these steps:
    1. Enter your name and organization, and then click OK.
    2. Click OK to confirm your name and organization.
    3. Enter the 10-digit CD key that is on the back of the Office CD jewel case.
    4. Click OK in the Product ID dialog box.
  8. All of the necessary files are copied to the location that you specified in step 5, and you receive a dialog box that states that the installation was successful.

    If the dialog box prompts you to restart the computer, click Restart. Otherwise, click Quit to complete the installation process.
NOTE: Unlike earlier versions of Microsoft Office, you cannot use theinstaller program to remove selected Office components.

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Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh

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