OL98: Calendar or Task Reminders Do Not Appear

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Your Outlook Calendar or Task reminders may not display at the scheduled time. Also, you may receive the following message when you click Save and Close for a new appointment with a reminder:
The reminder for <subject> may not appear because the item is not in your Calendar or Tasks folder. Is this OK? <yes> <no>
The following are four common causes for this behavior:
  • Outlook is not running. Unlike Microsoft Schedule+, which has a separate file to handle reminders, the main Outlook program controls the reminders. If Outlook is not running, reminders do not display.
  • The Calendar or Task reminder is not in your primary folder. Reminders only trigger from within the primary Calendar or Task folders. Primary folders reside where you receive messages. When you set up an e-mail service, you designate either your mailbox Inbox or your personal folders (.pst) file Inbox as the mail delivery point.

    For example, if you receive messages in your personal folders (.pst) file Inbox and you create an appointment reminder in your mailbox Calendar, the reminder does not display. If you create the same reminder in your Personal Folders Calendar, the reminder does display at the appropriate time.
  • The Delivery option of your e-mail service is set to "None" (without quotation marks). You must specify a default delivery location for reminders to be processed.
  • The Reminders folder is damaged or contains corrupt reminder items.
Use one of the following to work around this behavior:
  • If Outlook is not running, start Outlook, and keep Outlook running to receive reminders.
  • When you create reminders, verify that they are saved in your primary Calendar or Task folder.
  • Quit Outlook, click Start, point to Run, type outlook /cleanreminders, and then click OK.
NOTE: If your default mailbox is located on a Microsoft Exchange Server, it is possible that the message store is damaged. Create a new mailbox on the server to resolve the behavior.
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