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This article discusses the three different ways to remove Office 98 Macintosh Edition from your computer. Methods 1 and 2 are automatic, and Method 3 is manual.

Method 1 removes all of the components that are installed by a Microsoft product. This includes any preferences that you may have set for these products. This does not include any of the documents that you have created.

Method 2 uses the Microsoft Office Installer to remove the main Office 98 program files from your computer. The Microsoft Office Installer does not remove any of your document files, custom templates, System folder items, or Value Pack components. The files that remain on the hard disk drive are listed, so that you can remove them if you want to.

Method 3 should be used only if the installation of Office 98 is damaged to the point that neither Method 1 nor Method 2 removes any files.
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Method 1: Use the Remove Office 98 Tool

You can use version 2.0 of the Remove Office 98 Tool to completelyremove Office 98 from your computer.

To obtain the Remove Office 98 Tool, use your Web browser to browse to the following Microsoft Web site. Scroll through the available downloads to locate the Remove Office 98 Tool:NOTE: You may have a file named Remove Office 98 on your Office 98 CD. However, due to a problem with the original version of theRemove Office 98 Utility, Microsoft recommends that you use the latest version from the Microsoft Web site.

For additional information about potential problems that may occur when you use the original version of the Remove Office 98 program, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
182936 OFF98: Remove Office 98 Utility Issue
To remove Office 98 from your computer, follow these steps:
  1. Browse to the Microsoft Web site for the Remove Office tool, and follow the directions for downloading the file.
  2. Double-click Remove Office 98.
  3. In the Install Location list, click the name of the hard disk on which Office 98 is installed.

    NOTE: If you select a network volume from the Install Location list, you receive the following error message:
    The selected disk named volume name is a network server volume. The Installer cannot install onto network server volumes. Please select another disk.

    The Remove Office 98 program cannot be used to remove Office 98 from a network server volume.
  4. Click Remove.
  5. You must decide whether to delete preference files and library files that may be shared with other programs. Click Keep to keep the files, or click Discard to delete the shared preference files.
  6. Click Discard when you are prompted to move the Office 98 folder to the Trash. If you click Keep, the Office 98 folder and its contents are not removed from the computer.
  7. Click OK in the dialog box that indicates that you successfully removed Office.
  8. Click Quit to close the Remove Office 98 tool.

    All of the Office 98 program files are moved to the Trash. If you want, open the Trash to view the contents of the Trash to see whether any of your document files have been moved there.

    Click Empty Trash on the Special menu to reclaim the hard disk space that is used by Office 98.

Method 2: Remove Office Manually

To remove Office manually from the computer, move the following files to the Trash.

NOTE: If you plan to reinstall Office, do the following before you move the Microsoft Office 98 folder to the Trash: Move to the desktop any of your personal files or files that you modified, including the Normal template.
   File Name                        Folder   ------------------------------------------------------------------------   Microsoft Office 98              Hard Drive   Internet Config Extension        System Folder:Extensions   Microsoft Component Library      System Folder:Extensions   Microsoft Hyperlink Library      System Folder:Extensions   Microsoft OLE Automation         System Folder:Extensions   Microsoft OLE Library            System Folder:Extensions   Microsoft RPC Runtime Library    System Folder:Extensions   Microsoft Structured Storage     System Folder:Extensions   MS C++ Library (PPC)             System Folder:Extensions:MS Library                                    Folder   MS Configuration Lib (PPC)       System Folder:Extensions:MS Library                                    Folder   MS Container Lib (PPC)           System Folder:Extensions:MS Library                                    Folder   MS Favorites Library (PPC)       System Folder:Extensions:MS Library                                    Folder   MS Internet Library (PPC)        System Folder:Extensions:MS Library                                    Folder   MS Parser Library (PPC)          System Folder:Extensions:MS Library                                    Folder   MS Preferences Library (PPC)     System Folder:Extensions:MS Library                                    Folder   MS Variant Lib (PPC)             System Folder:Extensions:MS Library                                    Folder   StandardOLE Types (PPC)          System Folder:Extensions:Type Libraries   Standard OLE Types 2             System Folder:Extensions:Type Libraries   vba en olb (PowerMac)            System Folder:Extensions:Type Libraries   Configuration Manager            System Folder:Control Panels   Microsoft Office Manager         System Folder:Control Panels   Arial                            System Folder:Fonts   Arial Black                      System Folder:Fonts   Impact                           System Folder:Fonts   Monotype Sorts                   System Folder:Fonts   MT Extra                         System Folder:Fonts   Symbol                           System Folder:Fonts   Times New Roman                  System Folder:Fonts   Wingdings                        System Folder:Fonts   Advanced Networking              System Folder:MS Preference Panels   Cookies                          System Folder:MS Preference Panels   File Helpers                     System Folder:MS Preference Panels   General E-mail                   System Folder:MS Preference Panels   Home and <PathLink Type="URL" Value=""></PathLink>                  System Folder:MS Preference Panels   Password Dialogs                 System Folder:MS Preference Panels   Protocol Helpers                 System Folder:MS Preference Panels   Proxies                          System Folder:MS Preference Panels   Ratings                          System Folder:MS Preference Panels   Security                         System Folder:MS Preference Panels   User Passwords                   System Folder:MS Preference Panels   Custom Dictionary                System Folder:Preferences   Embedding Preferences            System Folder:Preferences   Excel Settings (8)               System Folder:Preferences   Internet Preferences             System Folder:Preferences   Microsoft Office Settings (8)    System Folder:Preferences   MS Office ACL (8)                System Folder:Preferences   Office Registration Cache        System Folder:Preferences   PowerPoint Settings (8)          System Folder:Preferences   PPC Registration Database        System Folder:Preferences   Word Font Menu Cache (8)         System Folder:Preferences   Word Settings (8)                System Folder:Preferences				
NOTE: If you delete the following files, you may cause problems in some non-Office programs. For example, deleting these files may cause Microsoft Internet Explorer to display garbled text.
   Arabic Encodings                 System Folder:Text Encodings   Central European Encodings       System Folder:Text Encodings   Chinese Encodings                System Folder:Text Encodings   Chinese Encodings Supplement     System Folder:Text Encodings   Cyrillic Encodings               System Folder:Text Encodings   Greek Encodings                  System Folder:Text Encodings   Hebrew Encodings                 System Folder:Text Encodings   Indic Encodings                  System Folder:Text Encodings   Japanese Encodings               System Folder:Text Encodings   Korean Encodings                 System Folder:Text Encodings   Symbol Encodings                 System Folder:Text Encodings   Thai Encodings                   System Folder:Text Encodings   Turkish Encodings                System Folder:Text Encodings   Unicode Encodings                System Folder:Text Encodings   Western Language Encodings       System Folder:Text Encodings				

Method 3: Manually Remove Office 98

To locate all of the files that Office 98 installed, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

179629 OFF98: How to Remove Selected Office Components (Part 1 of 2)
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