How to render a calendar to an ASP page with CDO

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This article contains sample code that will use Collaboration Data Objects(CDO) to render a calendar to an Active Server Pages (ASP) page.

Note In order for this sample to work, Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) must be installed on either the IIS computer or the Exchange Server computer. OWA is a separate component installed from the Exchange Server setup program.
This is a simple example of how you can render your daily calendar to a Webbrowser using an ASP page with VBScript and CDO.

Copy and paste the following code to an ASP page. Modify the variables thatset the server and mailbox to appropriate values. This code requiresMicrosoft Exchange Server version 5.5.

Here is the code:
   <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 3.2//EN">   <HTML>   <HEAD>   </HEAD>   <BODY>   <%   '========================================================   'CONSTANTS FOR THE CONTAINER RENDERER   'Time Zone Constants for the US   CONST CdoDefaultFolderCalendar   = 0   CONST CdoTmzEastern              = 10   CONST CdoTmzCentral              = 11   CONST CdoTmzMountain             = 12   CONST CdoTmzPacific              = 13   '========================================================   'CONTAINER CONSTANT   CONST CdoClassContainerRenderer  = 3   strProfileInfo = "MyServer" & vbLf & "MyMailbox"   Set objSession = Server.CreateObject("MAPI.Session")   objSession.Logon "", "", False, True, 0, True, strProfileInfo   objSession.SetOption "calendarstore", "outlook"   Set objRenderApp = Server.CreateObject("AMHTML.application")   Set objCRenderer = _      objRenderApp.CreateRenderer(CdoClassContainerRenderer)   ObjCRenderer.TimeZone = CdoTmzPacific   objCRenderer.DataSource = _      objSession.GetDefaultFolder(CdoDefaultFolderCalendar).Messages   Set objView = ObjCRenderer.Views("Daily Calendar")   objCRenderer.CurrentView = objView   objView.RenderAppointments now, Response   %>   </BODY>   </HTML>				

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Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects 1.2, Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Standard Edition, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Standard Edition

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