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There are two English language versions of Microsoft Office 97: the U.S.English version and the International English version.

The only difference between the two English language versions of MicrosoftOffice 97 Professional Edition for Windows is the content in MicrosoftBookshelf Basics. For this reason, only Microsoft Office 97 ProfessionalEdition for Windows is released as a separate "International English"version. All other differences between the U.S. English and theInternational English versions are behavioral differences that are based onthe settings in the Regional Settings control panel for the system.
Although there are no differences in the core feature set, some optionsbehave differently depending on the regional settings for your system.

The behavioral differences that are based on system regional settings forthe two English versions of Office 97 are listed as follows.


If Microsoft Office 97 is installed on a computer for which regionalsettings are not configured for U.S. English, the Microsoft Office Setupprogram prompts you to specify the proofing dictionary that you want touse. After you do this, the spelling dictionary that you specified isinstalled. Microsoft Office Setup prompts you whether to use the A4 paperformat or the U.S. letter paper format and installs the appropriatetemplates automatically. Note that Microsoft Office includes templates thatwork for both English language versions.

NOTE: If you install the English version of Microsoft Office 97 and you areusing U.S. regional settings, the prompt that asks you to specify theproofing dictionaries and the paper format to use does not appear.

Microsoft Word 97

When you use Microsoft Word with U.S. English regional settings, a dialogbox prompts you to specify a preferred English language "variation" and adefault paper size. Time, date, and measurement defaults are determined andvary based on the system regional settings when you run Microsoft Word.(For more information, see the "Installation" section.)

Microsoft Excel 97

Number formats, date formats, time formats, and measurements are based onsystem regional settings.

Microsoft PowerPoint 97

You can install the Genigraphics Wizard & GraphicsLink component only ifyour system regional settings are configured for the United States or forCanada. The Genigraphics Wizard allows you to send Microsoft PowerPointpresentations to Genigraphics Corporation to create 35mm slides, posters,color overheads, and prints. The Office-wide procedure of setting thedefault proofing dictionary also applies to Microsoft PowerPoint. There areno differences in templates or in clipart.

Microsoft Access 97

No additional behavior differences that are based on regional settingsapply to Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Outlook 97

No additional behavior differences that are based on regional settingsapply to Microsoft Outlook.
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