INFO: MSMQ Queue Manager Can Only Read from Queues on Same CN

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Although Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ) applications can open andsend to any queues in the MSMQ enterprise for which they have permissions,they cannot open and receive messages from queues which are not on theirconnected network.

For example, consider an enterprise with two connected networks usingdifferent protocols, CN1 and CN2 with an MSMQ routing server connecting thetwo. Clients on CN1 can send and receive messages to other clients on thesame CN. However, these same clients can only send messages to CN2. Theycannot open queues on CN2 for receive access.
This behavior is by design. Opening a remote queue for receive access andreading messages from that queue are operations that require a directsession between the two computers. By definition, computers on differentconnected networks use different protocols and therefore, cannot establisha direct session with each other making this operation impossible.

In the "Microsoft Exchange Administrator's Guide," the definition of aconnected network is
   A collection of computers where any two computers can   communicate directly.				
Important design note: Because MSMQ keys on the CN definition todistinguish between computers that cannot communicate directly, as opposedto computers that are temporarily offline, you must ensure that the CNdefinitions properly reflect the computers' abilities to connect to eachother. Computers should not be placed in different CNs when they share thesame protocol and are on the same subnet. Doing this will lead to resultsthat may vary, based on the network and MSMQ routing server configuration.
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