Error: Cluster Resource Dependency Can Not Be Found

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When you try to select the "Use Network Name as Computer Name" check boxfor a resource, you may receive the following error:

The Cluster resource dependency can not be found.

This error may be generated even if your resource depends on a resource,that in turn depends on a network name resource.

For example, if the resource being configured above is called "A" and itdepends on a resource called "B", "B" would be the resource that depends onthe network name resource:

A --> B --> Network Name
An indirect dependency, such as that shown above, will not be recognized bythe Cluster Administrator.
If one resource uses another, there should be a direct dependency betweenthem. Note that it is not necessary to add a dependency for something aresource does not directly use. For example, extending the illustrationfrom above:

A --> B --> Network Name --> IP Address

B does not need a dependency on the IP Address unless it uses the IPaddress directly.
This behavior is by design.
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