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This article describes the font cache management used by InternetExplorer for UNIX on a Sun Solaris-based computer.

Definition of a Font Cache File

A font cache file stores a summary of the characteristics for fonts thatare located on the UNIX server you are using. This summary is used todetermine which fonts are used when you connect to a Web page.

The contents of a font cache file depend on the version of UNIX theserver is using and the font path on the server. Each font cache file isnamed "mwfc-<nnnn>" where <nnnn> is a four-digit hexadecimal numbercreated using the server identification and font path.

Several default font cache files are installed and stored in the<install>/common/fontcache folder, where <install> is your InternetExplorer folder. An example of a default font cache file name located inthis folder is Mwfc-6de1. This file contains information for a Sun serverwith a font path that is established by starting the Common DesktopEnvironment (CDE) on a computer that has Solaris 2.5.1 installed.

Font Cache File Creation

When you start Internet Explorer on a UNIX-based computer that does notcontain a compatible font cache file, Internet Explorer reads all of thefont data from the server and creates a new font cache file. The new fontcache file may not be stored in the same folder as the default font cachefiles. During startup, Internet Explorer looks for the font cache filesin the <install>/common/fontcache, ~/.microsoft, and /tmp folders beforeit creates a new one.

When you install Internet Explorer, the <install>/common/fontcache folderis created with full access, but you may be prevented from removing orupdating font cache files. The operating system may not allow writinginto the installation directory. If this is the case, Internet Explorermay write font cache files to your ~/.microsoft or /tmp folders.

Distribute Font Cache Files Manually

To manually administer a font cache file on multiple computers, use thefollowing steps:
  1. Start Internet Explorer on one computer to create a font cache file.
  2. Locate the new font cache file in the <install>/common/fontcache, ~/.microsoft, or /tmp folder.
  3. Copy the new font cache file to the other computers that do not havethis file.

Distribute Font Cache Files Using IEAK

Administrators who use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit(IEAK) can create font cache files, as described above, and include themwith the distribution package that is generated by the IEAK. As a result,the font cache files are already in place when a new installation ofInternet Explorer is installed on a computer. Copy the font cache filesto the computer before you run the IEAK wizard. During the creation ofthe IEAK distribution package, the font cache files are taken from thefolder name typed in the Font Directory box on the UNIX Programs tab.

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