Ipconfig.exe Usage for MS-DOS 3.0 Network Client

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When you use the Ipconfig.exe file from the Microsoft Network Client 3.0for MS-DOS that ships with Windows NT Server 4.0, you may receive thefollowing error messages:
No DHCP data available
Usage: C:\Net\Ipconfig.exe <lanroot>
The Ipconfig.exe file from the Microsoft Network Client 3.0 is differentfrom the version that ships with Windows for Workgroups 3.11 or the onethat ships with Windows NT 4.0. The <lanroot> option refers to thedirectory where the networking software is installed, usually C:\Net.
The proper syntax for IPCONFIG in this case would be:
Ipconfig.exe C:\Net
The <lanroot> variable is defined in the [network] section of theSystem.ini that is located in the directory where the client was installed.

Any other switches or commands will produce one of the two error messagesdescribed above.

NOTE: Ipconfig.exe from the Microsoft Network Client 3.0 can also be runfrom Windows 95, as long as the directory for the client still existsbecause the <lanroot> option must be entered. Another alternative for acommand-line Ipconfig.exe in Windows 95 is to use the Ipconfig.exe fromWindows for Workgroups 3.11.

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Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Network Client 3.1

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