WordPerfect Suite 6.0 Setup Fails with Multiple CD-ROMs

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During the installation of Corel WordPerfect Suite 6.0 on a system withmultiple CD-ROM drive letters, Setup will return the following errormessage:

General Protection Fault in krnl386.exe

This problem only happens if there is more than one CD-ROM drive letterpresent.
Like many applications, Corel's Setup program calls Int2f 1500 first, whichreturns the count of CD-ROM drive letters and the first drive letter. Corelgoes a step further and calls Int2f 150d, passing a pointer to a buffer inES:bx to receive a byte array of the CD-ROM drive "letters" (A=0,and soon). This is where the problem occurs; the Windows NT DPMI server does nottranslate buffers for MSCDEX calls in protective mode. Instead, theinterrupt is reflected to v86 mode with whatever ES register happened to bein the v86-mode state from the last time it transitioned to PM. So, somerandom bit of the low 1 MB of memory (often krnl386 or ntdos code or data)is replaced with the sequence of drive letters.
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Windows NT 4.0 or Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
152734 How to Obtain the Latest Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack

Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition. This problem was first corrected in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4.0 and Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4.
WordPerfect is manufactured by Corel Corporation, a vendor independent ofMicrosoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding thisproduct's performance or reliability.
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