XADM Store.exe Working Set Performance Counter Keeps Growing

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The Working Set performance counter keeps increasing under a moderate load.When the load has subsided, the counter remains constantly high. It doesnot decrease memory used.
The Store.exe process has a counter called "Working Set." This counterdisplays the current amount of RAM used by the information store code andits related data. When memory is reserved, it does not free until theprocess is stopped and restarted; however, if Windows NT swaps some ofthese pages from RAM to disk, the performance monitor value will decreaseto reflect the change in the amount of RAM being used by the informationstore.

This is by design.
This memory is just reserved, not allocated. If the server is under stressfrom another application, these pages will be swapped to the page file tofree up RAM, which will reduce the Working Set size.
PerfMon MSEXHCHANGEIS Information Store

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