How to use Oracle Nextval function from Visual FoxPro

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The sample code below demonstrates how to use the Nextval function of anOracle database from Visual FoxPro. The Nextval function retrieves the nextavailable number from a sequence.

Oracle Sequence is similar to Identity Columns in Microsoft SQL Serverversion 6.0, which contains system-generated sequential values thatuniquely identify each row within a table.

SQL Passthrough sample code

   Sqlhandle=sqlconnect("Oracle_Server")   =Sqlexec(Sqlhandle,"Insert into person(P_id,lastname,firstname) ;   values (PersonSN.nextval,'Lastname','Firstname')")

Remote view

The Remote View designer parses 'PersonSN.nextval' as a field named"nextval" in a table named "PersonSN". Since a table named "PersonSN" doesnot exist, the following error occurs at run-time:
Alias not found.
In order to retrieve the sequence from Oracle, you must call an Oracle UserDefined Function (UDF) before appending a record.

   Oracle Server   -------------
   ** Create a Sequence name "PersonSN"   CREATE SEQUENCE PersonSN   INCREMENT BY 1   START WITH 100001   NOCACHE;   ** Create a Server Function "FNext" to return the next sequence from   ** Person.   CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION FNext RETURN NUMBER   IS      Count1 NUMBER(10,2);   BEGIN      SELECT PersonSN.nextval INTO Count1      FROM dual;    RETURN(Count1);   END;   /
   Visual FoxPro   -------------
   =SQLEXEC(Sqlhandle,"Select FNext from dual")
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