Dialog Box with Red Circle and White X During Upgrade from Windows NT 3.51

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When you upgrade Windows NT 3.51 to Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT restarts toGUI-mode and you get a dialog box with "f" in the title bar and a redcircle with a white "x", a capital "A", and the OK button.
The Setupapi.dll file on the system is newer than the Windows NT 4.0Setupapi.dll file dated Aug. 8, 1996; therefore, it is not replaced withthe Windows NT 4.0 Setupapi.dll file.
To correct this problem, do one of the following:

  • If Windows NT is installed on a FAT partition, boot to MS-DOS and rename Setupapi.dll to SetupapiOLD.dll. Copy the Windows NT 4.0 Setupapi.dll file to the local hard disk drive. The file is located in the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder.

  • If Windows NT is installed on an NTFS partition, reinstall Windows NT to a separate folder (for example, NTTEMP). Log on to this parallel installation and rename Setupapi.dll in the %SystemRoot%\System32\ folder of the original Windows NT installation to SetupapiOLD.dll. Copy the Windows NT 4.0 Setupapi.dll file to the local hard disk.
If an attempt was made to install Internet Explorer 4.0 Preview Version toWindows NT 3.51 and the installation failed, the Setupapi.dll file datedJuly 24, 1997, may be left in the %SystemRoot%\System32\ folder. During theWindows NT 3.51 to Windows NT 4.0 upgrade, the Setupapi.dll file dated July24, 1997, is not replaced by the Windows NT 4.0 file dated Aug. 8, 1996,because it is newer.
Popup, Red Circle, White X,

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