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Microsoft Outlook 98 provides an integrated tool for migrating mailmessages and addresses from Netscape Mail, a component of NetscapeNavigator 3.0x, and Netscape Messenger, a component of NetscapeCommunicator 4.0x.

NOTE: Netscape Messenger 4.5 uses a different file format than previous versions. In order to import e-mail from Messenger 4.5 into Outlook, you can import the messages into Microsoft Outlook Express and then import the messages from Outlook Express into Outlook.
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Converting During Setup

Outlook performs a silent conversion of mail items during the Active Setupprocedure. If Active Setup detects that Netscape Mail or Netscape Messengeris installed on the computer, Active Setup lists the Netscape programs thatare installed and offers to convert the mail and addresses. If you clickYes, the conversion completes without further intervention. Converted mailis imported into the Folder List. Addresses are imported in the WindowsAddress Book.

Converting After Running Setup

If you choose not to convert Netscape mail items during Active Setup, youcan use the Outlook Import And Export Wizard to perform this operation atany time after installing Outlook. The Netscape program must still beinstalled on the computer. To import Netscape Mail or Netscape Messengeritems, follow these steps.

  1. Start Outlook if it is not currently running.
  2. On the File menu, click Import And Export.
  3. In the "Choose an action to perform" list, click "Import Internet Mail and Addresses." Click Next.
  4. In the "Select the Internet Mail application to import from" list, click the Netscape product you want to import (Netscape Mail or Netscape Messenger). Click Next. NOTE: Netscape rules are not converted. Additionally, if you receive a message stating that a registry entry cannot be found, you may have clicked the incorrect Netscape product.
  5. Under "Select the destination for imported addresses," click either Outlook Contacts or Personal Address Book. Note that in the Internet Mail Only installation of Outlook, Contacts is the only choice, because this option does not use the Personal Address Book.
Outlook now converts the Netscape mail items. The import process preservesthe folder structures defined in Netscape.

NOTE: In each of the above scenarios the conversion will only occur if theNetscape product is installed on the computer. This applies to conversionsdone during Active Setup and through the Import and Export process.
Netscape Navigator, Netscape Mail, and Netscape Communicator aremanufactured by Netscape Communications Corporation, a vendor independentof Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding thisproduct's performance or reliability.

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