OFF97: Large Increase in Document File Size After Inserting JPEG

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In the programs listed at the beginning of this article, if you click theInsert menu, point to Picture, click From File, select a picture file, andclick Insert, the following problems may occur:
  • The picture file takes a very long time to insert into the worksheet, document, or presentation.

  • The file size of the workbook, document, or presentation increases as much as 5 to 7 times more than expected. For example, if you insert a 100 kilobyte (KB) picture file, the file size of the workbook, document, or presentation increases by as much as 500 KB to 700 KB.
These problems may occur if the following conditions are true:
  • You are inserting a JPEG file into a worksheet, document, or presentation.


  • The JPEG file was saved using the Exif standard.
For information about the Exif standard, please see the "More Information"section in this article.
To correct this problem, obtain Microsoft Office 97 Service Release 2 (SR-2). The JPEG import filter included with Microsoft Office 97SR-2 has been updated to work correctly with JPEG files saved using theExif standard.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the programs included inboth Microsoft Office 97 for Windows and Microsoft Office 97 for Windows,Service Release 1 (SR-1). This problem was corrected in Microsoft Office 97Service Release 2 (SR-2).

For additional information about SR-2, please see the following articlein the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
151261 OFF97: How to Obtain and Install MS Office 97 SR-2
More information
The Exif standard is a variant of the JPEG file format. When you insert aJPEG file that uses the Exif standard, the JPEG import filter included withMicrosoft Office 97 and Microsoft Office 97 SR-1 cannot correctly handlethe differences in the JPEG file. As a result, the JPEG file takes a longtime to insert, and its size increases dramatically.

The Exif standard is most commonly used by digital cameras. Microsoft hasdetermined that the following cameras save JPEG files by using the Exifstandard:
Fujifilm CLIP-IT50
Fujifilm DS-10
Fujifilm DS-20
Fujifilm DS-220A
Fujifilm DS-250HD BIGJOB
Fujifilm DS-30
Fujifilm DS-300
Fujifilm DS-505A
Fujifilm DS-7
Fujifilm DS-8
Fujifilm FinePix500
Fujifilm FinePix700
Kodak DC200
Kodak DC210Zoom
Kodak DC220Zoom
Kodak DC260Zoom
Konica Q-EZ
Konica Q-M100
Minolta Dimage V
Nikon COOLPIX 900
Ricoh DC-3
Ricoh DC-3Z
Sanyo DSC-V100
Sanyo DSC-X1
Toshiba PDR-2 Allegretto

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