Terminal Server Commands: CONNECT

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The CONNECT command connects a session to a computer you specify.


connect [sessionID] [/password:password] [/server:servername][/dest:sessionname] [/v] [/?]

connect [sessionname] [/password:password] [/server:servername][/dest:sessionname] [/v] [/?]


Specifies the ID of the session.
Identifies the name of the session. The name was created by the system administrator when the session was configured.
Specifies the password associated with the user of the session you want to connect. It is required when the session belongs to a user that is different from the current one.
Connects the session to the destination computer name you specify. If a session is currently connected at the computer, it is disconnected.
Specifies the Terminal Server to use. Otherwise, the current Terminal Server is used.
/v (verbose)
Displays information about the actions being performed.
/? (help)
Displays the syntax for the command and information about the command's options.

Security Restrictions

You can always connect to the session where you are currently logged on. Toconnect to a different session, you must have Connect access permission forthe session.

CONNECT -- Additional Notes

If you specify a name of a session, it must identify an active session. The/dest parameter allows you to connect a user's session to a differentcomputer. The computer must have an active connection to the TerminalServer.

If you do not specify a password in the /password parameter, and the targetsession belongs to a user that is different from the current one, connectwill fail.

Sessions disconnected from the Terminal Server cannot be connected to theconsole. Sessions running at the system console cannot be disconnected.

CONNECT -- Examples

To connect session 12 to the current Terminal Server and disconnect thecurrent session, type:
connect 12
To connect session 23 to the current Terminal Server, using the passwordmypass, type:
connect 23 /password:mypass
To connect the session at computer TERM03 to computer TERM05, and thendisconnect the session at TERM05, if any, type:
connect TERM03 /v /dest:TERM05

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