Description of the Automatic Skip Driver Agent (Asd.exe) Tool

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This article describes the Automatic Skip Driver Agent tool (Asd.exe) inWindows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition (Me).
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Automatic Skip Driver Agent identifies devices that can cause Windows 98 or Windows Me to stop responding (hang) when you start your computer, and then disables them so that they are bypassed when you next restart your computer.

To start Automatic Skip Driver, click Start, point to Programs, point toAccessories, point to System Tools, click System Information, and thenclick Automatic Skip Driver Agent on the Tools menu.

For more information about how to use the Microsoft System Informationtool, see the following article in the Microsoft KnowledgeBase:
ARTICLE-ID : 184075
TITLE : Description of Microsoft System Information (Msinfo32.exe) Tool

All devices or operations that have failed to start are listed byAutomatic Skip Driver Agent. You can use Automatic Skip Driver Agent toenable any device it has previously disabled, and Windows then tries touse the device when you next restart your computer. If this device oroperation does not start correctly, your computer stops responding.

If you then restart your computer for a third time, Automatic Skip DriverAgent prevents the device or operation from running, and when yourcomputer starts, click Details to identify the device or operation thatdoes not start correctly and then display a suggested course of action.

If Automatic Skip Driver Agent is unable to locate any errors, you mayreceive a message stating so, and you can then click OK to quit AutomaticSkip Driver Agent.

NOTE: Devices disabled by Automatic Skip Driver Agent to allow Windows tostart are recorded in the Asd.log file.


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