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Reinstalling Windows 98 or Windows Me Causes Safe Recovery Error Message

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If you upgrade a Microsoft Windows 95-based computer running InternetExplorer version 4.0 or 4.01 to Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition (Me), uninstall Windows 98 or Windows Me, and thenreinstall Windows 98 or Windows Me, you may receive the following error message:
Safe Recovery

Setup encountered a problem or did not complete a previous installation. If you click Use Safe Recovery, Setup will restart file copying where it left off.

Not selecting Safe Recovery will restart the file copy process from the beginning.

You are then prompted to choose either Use Safe Recovery or Do Not UseSafe Recovery.
To resolve this issue and continue the Windows 98 or Windows Me Setup program, chooseeither Use Safe Recovery or Do Not Use Safe Recovery.
The Safe Recovery error message under these conditions does not indicate aproblem, it does not affect the functionality of the Setup program, and itcan be safely ignored.
98 95 4.00

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