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You can use the MAILTO protocol under Internet Explorer to create ahyperlink that opens the clients e-mail system. This article describes thedifferent parameters you can use with the MAILTO protocol.
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The format for the MAILTO protocol is as follows:
The Recipients field can be blank, a single e-mail address, or multiple e-mail addresses separated by semicolons (;).

The Parameters are optional and have to be separated by an ampersand (&).Parameters appear in a name/value pair format. Following is the list ofparameters available in Internet Explorer:
   PARAMETER     DESCRIPTION   ---------     ------------------   CC=           Carbon copy   BCC=          Blind carbon copy   SUBJECT=      Subject text   BODY=         Body text				
Because all the data is passed in the URL, the characters used must beInternet safe characters. Use a %0d for a line feed. Use a %20 for a spaceNOTE: using plus (+) sign does not work in this protocol.

Here is sample HTML that demonstrates using the MAILTO protocol:
   <HTML>   <HEAD></HEAD>   <BODY>   <A HREF="mailto:email1;email2&cc=email3?subject=Subject%20           text&body=Body%0dText">   Click Here To Invoke Mail   </A>   </BODY>   </HTML>				
NOTE: Your e-mail client may behave differently than described above.Internet Explorer passes the mailto: string directly to the default mailapplication. The mail application can parse the string in whatever way itwants. Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express parse the string as describedabove.
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