Low Disk Space Notification Received When Drive Is Full

IMPORTANT: This article contains information about editing the registry.Before you edit the registry, make sure you understand how to restore itif a problem occurs. For information about how to do this, view the"Restoring the Registry" Help topic in Regedit.exe or the "Restoring aRegistry Key" Help topic in Regedt32.exe.
When you attempt to copy files to a drive that is low on free disk space,you may receive the following error message:
Cannot create or replace <file>: There is not enough free disk space.
WARNING: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problemsthat may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannotguarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of RegistryEditor can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

For information about how to edit the registry, view the "Changing KeysAnd Values" Help topic in Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) or the "Add andDelete Information in the Registry" and "Edit Registry Data" Help topicsin Regedt32.exe. Note that you should back up the registry before you edit it.

If you do not want to receive this error message, and do not want to usethe Disk Cleanup tool to free disk space, create a DWORD value namedDisableLowDiskSpaceBroadcast in the following registry key:


Set the data value of the DisableLowDiskSpaceBroadcast value to theappropriate value from the following table:
   Drive Letter   Data Value   -------------------------   A                      1   B                      2   C                      4   D                      8   E                     16   F                     32   G                     64   H                    128   I                    256   J                    512   K                   1024   L                   2048   M                   4096   N                   8192   O                  16384   P                  32768   Q                  65536   R                 131072   S                 262144   T                 524288   U                1048576   V                2097152   W                4194304   X                8388608   Y               16777216   Z               33554432				

NOTE: If you want to disable the error message for more than one drive,you can add the data values of the drives located in the table, and thenset the data value of the DisableLowDiskSpaceBroadcast value using the sumof the data values that you added. For example, drive E has a value of 16and drive G has a value of 64. These two data values added together equal80. To disable the low disk space notification for drive E and drive G,set the data value of the DisableLowDiskSpaceBroadcast value to 80.

For information about using the Disk Cleanup tool, see the followingarticle in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
ARTICLE-ID: 186099
TITLE : Description of the Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows 98
This behavior is by design.

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