DVD Support in Windows 98

This article lists DVD decoder adapters that are supported in Windows 98.
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Microsoft supports the reading of DVD discs within Windows 98 using SCSIand ATAPI-compliant DVD-ROM drives. Playing movies is supported only withthe following decoder adapters:
  • Toshiba DVD decoder adapters included with Toshiba Infinia DVD systems with either S3 or ATI display adapters.
  • Quadrant Cinemaster C rev. 1.2 decoder adapters included with Dell XPS- series computers. Note that updated Quadrant Cinemaster decoder drivers are available on the Windows 98 CD-ROM in the Drivers\Dvd\Quadrant folder.

Because Windows 98 DVD Player is designed to work with the Windows 98decoder drivers, the option to add or remove DVD Player is not availableuntil a supported DVD decoder adapter is installed and detected.

Once a supported DVD decoder adapter is detected and the Windows 98drivers are installed, a shortcut for DVD Player is added to theEntertainment menu and the option to add or remove DVD Player becomesavailable under Multimedia on the Windows Setup tab in the Add/RemovePrograms tool. After it is installed, the DVD Player software can beremoved and reinstalled without having to reinstall the decoder drivers.

NOTE: If a supported DVD decoder adapter is being used, but has third-party drivers installed, Windows 98 does not install the Windows 98drivers or DVD Player until the third-party drivers are removed usingDevice Manager.

Other DVD playback software and decoder adapters, including otherCinemaster DVD decoder adapters such as the Cinemaster S, are not supportedand require the drivers and software provided by the manufacturer to function properly.
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